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Chapter 7-Wahlig

The Iroquois live in___________. New York
Native Americans lived in North America before the Europeans begin exploring_______ and _______________. Canada the United States
What did the Iroquois women use the land for? Growing crops-like corn
The Iroquois men were__________. hunters
Christopher Columbus, Hernando De Soto, and Juan Ponce de Leon all explored North America for___________. Spain
Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain landed in, and explored what today is called ___________. Canada
Juan Ponce de Leon named the place where he landed________________. La Florida
What does La Florida mean? land of flowers
True or False Spain stopped exploring Florida after Ponce de Leon left. False-they continued exploring
Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles led the group that built the first permanent European settlement of___________. St. Augustine
The French explored both________and __________. Florida Canada
Who was trying to find a direct route to China through Canada? Jacques Cartier
Why did Jacques Cartier return home? Rapids and waterfalls blocked his path
Samuel de Champlain built a settlement in ________. It became__________, __________. 1608 Quebec City, Quebec
What's the difference between the French explorers Champlain and Cartier? Champlain built a settlement and Cartier did not
Christopher Newport took _____people on a ship from ________to settle in North America. 105 England
Where is Jamestown located? Virginia
St. Augustine was a___________settlement. Spanish
Jamestown was an ____________settlement. English
True or False Both St. Augustine and Jamestown are still towns in the United States today. True
The English settlers came to North America to seek their_________in the New World. fortune
The ________felt invaded by the explorers from Europe. Iroquois
Battles over_______or________ probably happened. land territory
The history of Jamestown is important because it started the foundation for what the _________ ________ _________would become. United States government
The U.S. government is a __________government. representative
In a representative government voters ______people to speak for them. elect