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Chap. 6-Wahlig

True or False: Communities grow in mountain areas. TRUE
What was the original name of Glenwood Springs? Fort Defiance
Who set up Fort Defiance and renamed it Glenwood Springs? Captain Isaac Cooper
Miners had to build________ ______through the mountains into Glenwood Springs. railway tracks
The railroads gave the people of Glenwood Springs a way to send their________to other communities. coal
True or False: Patience are not needed to set up a mountain community. FALSE - It would take a lot of time and patience.
What state is Glenwood Springs located in? Colorado
What state is Seattle located in? Washington
In 1851, a group of settlers built a town on ______ ________. Alki Point
What are 3 important natural resources found in Seattle? Water, trees, and fish
Who did the settlers in Seattle name their town after? Chief Sealth because he was friendly with them.
_________became an important industry around Seattle because of the great amount of trees found there. Logging
Seattle grew to an important city because of its_________. port
What is a port? A place where ships can load and unload things.
People worry that if Seattle continues to grow the ships and people who live there will__________ _______ ________. pollute the water
Why did communities grow in Indianapolis, Indiana? Because of their transportation
In 1820, __________ became the state capital of Indiana. Indianapolis
In the 1830's, the highway named _______ ________ ______came through Indianapolis. The National Road
The National Road in Indianapolis helped people from the ______move to the ______. east west