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Ms. Heather's - Moons

What is the largest moon of Jupiter and in our solar system? Ganymede
What moon repeats the same pattern of moon phases? Earth's Moon
What moon is a non-spherical moon with triaxial dimensions? Deimos
What moon is considered the most suitable for a human base for human exploration due to low radiation levels? Callisto
Which moon's surface is the smoothest surface of any known solid object in our solar system? Europa
What moon is the most active volcanic body in our solar system? Io
What is Saturn's largest moon and the second largest moon in our solar system? Titan
What moon is heavily cratered and cut by a number of large faults? Tethys
What moon has no two surfaces that are alike? Miranda
What moon orbits in a retrograde (backwards) direction? Triton
What moon is one of the smallest bodies in our solar system to be self rounded under its own gravity? Miranda
What moon is the driest known object in the solar system? Io
What moon has many craters scattered around its surface much like Earth's Moon? Ganymede
What moon is the sixth closest moon to Jupiter and the sixth largest moon in our solar system? Europa
What is the third largest moon in our solar system and is one of Jupiter's moons? Callisto
Name two of Mars' moons? Phobos & Deimos
Name four of Jupiter's moons? Europa, Callisto, Ganymede, Io
Name two of Saturn's moons? Titan & Tethys
Name one of Uranus' moons? Miranda
Name one of Neptune's moons? Triton
What moon's cycle takes 29-30 days for the next full moon? Earth's Moon