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2nd 9 weeks


What were the difficulties facing the colonies at the end of the French and Indian War? Proclamation of 1763 and unfair taxes
Why did Parliament believe that the colonists should pay a portion of the war debt? Parliament thought that the war was fought on their behalf.
What were the reasons that the British gave the colonist for passing the Proclamation of 1763? 1. Avoid further conflict with Native Americans 2. Keep settlers for moving away from coast, were British markets and investments were 3. Control fur trade
Why were the colonists angry over the Proclamation of 1763? Limited Westward movements of the Colonists
Under the Sugar Act, Parliament allowed for the Writs of Assistance. What were the Writs of Assistance? smugglers to be sent to vice- admiralty court, which didn’t have juries. *Trial by Jury is taken away Sugar Act: lowered tax on molasses smuggling wist of assistance guilty until proven innocent (people) Contradicted British Law No jury
What was the consequence of the Stamp Act? How did this affect Great Britain? Stamp Act- Taxed almost all printed materials in the colonies.
Did the colonists have representation in Parliament? no
Why did the colonists think that British tax laws were unfair? Because British were taxing the colonists without representation in Parliament in other words they have no say in them at all.
How did the British government react to the colonists protests? Sending more soldiers to try and reinforce the laws and passed more taxes.
Name the 5 acts that made up the Intolerable Acts. How did each separate act affect the colonists? Quartering Act Quebec Act Boston Port Act Administration of Justice Act Massachusetts Act
What was the main idea of Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, “Common Sense”? To convince the colonists to separate from Britain.
Explain the difference between Patriots and Loyalists? Patriots fighting for independence loyalist remain loyal to king.
Name the 4 parts of the Declaration of Independence Preamble Natural Rights List of Grievances Resolution of independence
What do “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” refer to? The Declaration of Independence- human rights
What is the significance of the Battle of Trenton? The British had an unexpected surprise of a battle because they don’t expect to fight during winter but George Washington surprised them.
Why was the Battle of Saratoga considered a turning point in the Revolutionary War? European nation now believed that Americans had a chance to win the war.
Why did France wait until after the Battle of Saratoga to aid the colonists? Because the did not want to become an enemy or target of British in case Americans lost the war.
Describe life at Valley Forge for the soldiers in the winter of 1777 Lacked decent food, clothing and shelter. Smallpox Washington can’t keep army together
Why were the colonists successful at winning the Revolutionary War? fought on American territory Americans knew the land had european assistance lots of support from the people of the war
What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris (at the end of the Rev War)? Property taken from the lawlist has to be returned to them.
Who surrendered in YorkTown? CornWallis
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