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Psych chptr 2

*Robert Farrell's Neuron cells

Dendrites Recieves information from other cells. Has tree like branches and if damaged will try to regrow.
Cell Body Thickest part of the cell and contains the nucules
Axon Tail like structure that carries nerve flow away from the cell body
Myelin Covers and protects the Axon and speeds up nerve flow down the axon. Made of Glial cells (fat cells)
Synapse Microscopic gap between cells where Neurotransmitters cross over
Receptors Recieving port on the next cell that recieves the Neurotransmitters
Neurotransmitters Chemical messangers of the brain. ( 50 identified )
Cells At Rest Resting Potential
When A Cell Fires Is Known As Action Potential
All Or None Principle means Moves all the way down once fired.
"Ranvier" founded Founded the nodes. He saw the Sheath of the axon had little nodes in it. The nodes fire like spark plugs thus keeping the flow moving.
Lock And Key Nuerotransmitters blow out a gell to cross the synapse gap to the receptor cell. The neurotransmitter must fit the receptor site.
Enzymes Clean the Synapse gap
Hind Brain The Brain Stem. Oldest part of the brain. Medulla,Pons,Cerebellum
Nervous System (left) Central Nervous system = Has central role in life.or midline axis of the body. Includes Brain and Spinal Cord.
Nervous System (right) Peripheral = general "Nonspecific" out of spine. Includes-Somatic Nervous System. Autonomic Nervous System. Sympathetic Nervous System. Parasympathetic Nervous System.
Created by: Shyanne on 2009-02-19

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