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Culture Society's knowledge art beliefs customs and values
Artifacts Objects that people in the past made or used such as coins pottery and tools
Hominid refers to humans and early human like beings that walked up right
Paleolithic Era The first part of the stone age
Nomads Moving from place to place
Hunter-gathers Hunting and gathering
Neolithic Era New stone age
Domestication The selective growing or breeding of plants and animals to make them more useful to humans
Neolithic Revolution Historians refer to the shift to farming
Pastoralists People who ranged over wide areas and kept herds of livestock on which they depended for food and other items
Megaliths (Huge stones) for burial or spiritual purposes
Bronze Age The age that they stated to use bronze
Surplus Excess of food
Division of Labor A particular task or job
Traditional Economy Decisions are made based on custom tradition or ritual
Civilition Complex and organized society
Artisans Skilled crafts people
Cultural Diffusion Spread of ideas beliefs customs and technology
Fertile Crescent A large band of fertile land
Mesopotamia The area between the Tigres and Euphrates rivers.
Ziggurat The heart of the temple a pyramid shaped structure
Cite-State A political unit
Polytheism The worship of many gods
Dynasty A Series of rulers from one family
Cuneifrom Sumerian writing
Indo-Europeans Several tribes that speak related languages
Steps Arid grasslands North of the Black Sea
Judaism Type of religion for the Hebrews.
Torah Most sacred text of Judaism
Covenant Solmn promise
Patriarchs ancestral "fathers"
Monotheism The belief in one God
Delta Area at the mouth of a river triangle
Cataracts Rocky stretches marked by swift of currents and rapiads
Pharaoh Great house
Theoracy A highly organization managed by officials
Bureaucracy Highly structured organization manged by offcials
Obelisk Tall thin pillars with pyramid shaped tops
Mummification Making of mummies
Rosetta stone Came to be called were long passage of ancient writing
Papyrus Reedy plant that grew along the nile
Hieroglyphcs Main egyptian writing
Subconient Is a large landmass that is a part of a conient
Monsoons Seasonal winds
Citadel A fortress
Vedas Sacred writing
Rajas War leader
Castes Smaller divisions than varnas
Vanas Social classes
Budouins Nomadic Arab peoples
Hegira Muhammands journey from Mecca to Medina came to be known
Islam Faith
Muslims Islam flowers
Qur'an Sacred text of Islam
Five Pillars of Islam Islam and that Muhammad
Mosque The name for building where Muslims worship
Jihad A word that can be translated
Astrolabe An instrument for finding the positions and movements of stars of planets
Calligraphy Which is a beautiful styled writing
Minants Tall towers from which the faithful are called to prayer and domes are common features of mosques
Christianity Reilogen
Messiuh Spiritual leader who would restored ancient kingdom and bring peace to the world
Disciples Flowers
Apostles 12 disciples who Jews specialty chase
Martyrs People who die for there faith
Eucharist Cemaramony in memory of Jeous last supper
Bishop The most important official of the early christen churches
Popes Later bishop of Rome were seen as Peters spirital heirs