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Chap. 5 Wahlig

Where is Bozeman, Montana located? the western region of the U.S.
Many_________are located in the Southwest region of the U.S. canyons
Farmers had to _______ ________into the Southwest region to help their crops grow. bring water
How is Omaha, Nebraska different from Bozeman, Montana? Omaha has no mountains.
People have cut_____ in forests to use______to build homes. trees lumber
True or False People in different areas adapt to different climates. True
Which is closer to the equator-Kauai, Hawaii or Barrow, Alaska? Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai's climate is _________ and _________. warm sunny
Barrow's climate is______. cold
How have the Pueblo Indians adapted to the climate in Taos, New Mexico? By building adobe houses with thick walls.
______is an important natural resource in California. Gold
At _______ _______they dug deep into the earth looking for gold. Angel's Camp
What would happen if we used up all the fuels on earth? We would have to find new sources of energy.
What do we do to conserve natural resources? We use less of them and recycle.
Why would it be difficult to build a road through dense forests or over hills or mountains? You would have to cut down trees, go around hills, and cut through mountains.
People who moved to California in search of gold were_______and___________. brave adventurous
Davenport is in a ________ _________. river valley
Our climate is___________. varied
In our area it is_______in the summer, and _______in the winter. hot cold