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northern renissience

Known for his realistic paintings Van Eyck
Wrote Utopia about a perfect world Sir Thomas More
Wrote "In Praise of Folly" questioning church practices Erasmus
Invented Movable Type and the printing press. Gutenberg
England’s best-known poet, wrote at least 37 verse plays, many of them based on plots borrowed from ancient works Shakespeare
Famous German artist and wood engraver. His work is included in Dan Brown's book "The Lost Symbol" Albrecht Dürer
Pope Leo X was a member of this powerful family. The Medici family.
What the heck is movable type? Individual letters and marks that could be arranged and rearranged quickly.
Erasmus mocked certain church practices because: These practices, he believed, had little to do with true faith
What title was given to King Henry VIII (8th) by the pope? "Defender of the Faith"
What country was Shakespeare from? England
Why did the nobles like Luther's message? Luther spoke against the power of the Pope.
This guy was hired by the Pope to sell Indulgences Johann Tetzel
What country was Erasmus from The Netherlands
Why did the nobles like Luther's message? Luther spoke against the power of the Pope.
Who wrote "Romeo and Juliet" Shakespear
To go to heaven in religious terms Salvation
Martin Luther defended himself to the Emperor Charles V and the nobles at the Diet of worms
What country was Thomas More from? England
What country was Thomas More from? lawyer
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