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The Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror and Napolean

Scorched-earth policy When the Russians burned their own crops and villiages
Annex to add land to your country
Plebiscite popular vote by ballot
Blockade to cut off supplies going into that country
Abdicate to be forced to step down from power
Suffrage the right to vote
Robespierre the leader of the committee of public safety, led the Reign of Terror, and was executed
Treason The act of being a traitor
Naploean set up the consulate, Napoleonic code, started to take over some of Europe, made himself consulate
the four phases of the French Revolution Moderate; constitutional monarchy; peaceful Radical; republic; violence Directory; two-party system; chaotic Age of Napoleon; dictatorship; conquerer
September Massacre targeted priests and nobles
Explain the National convention, who controlled it, and what the Committee of Public Safety was. Robespierre was the leader. It was in charge of saving the Revolution, and was also in charge of trials and executions. The group of people that led the National Convention were Jacobins.
what was the goal of the mass levy of 1793 To pay for the French military.
Explain the Napoleonic Code Napoleon's reforms of France's legal systems; took ideas from the Enlightenment, but took away women's newly gained rights.
Napoleon -- what European power was he never able to conquer? How did he have an impact on American Geography? Was never able to conquer Britain, because of their Navy. He had an impact on American geography by selling America the Louisiana Territory. (Britain set up a blockade)
What was the Concert of Europe and how could it have a negative impact on world history? The concert of Europe was a peace-time alliance between European countries. This would cause WWI.
Created by: leeannaburns