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Chapter 16 Test-LA

A temporary downturn in economic activity or prosperity recession
An international organization founded in 1960 to coordinate the petroleum policies and prices if its member states OPEC
A program that provides health care for the poor, funded partly by the federal government and partly by the state Medicaid
A state program that pays tuition at state universities, community colleges, and technical schools for qualified high school graduates TOPS
Legal gambling gaming
A legal judgment that allows a person or organization to eliminate some of its debts; the debtor’s financial affairs must be administered to pay off those debts bankruptcy
The state government agency charged with protecting the environment and maintaining it for future generations DEQ
The federal government agency charged with protecting the environment and maintaining it for future generations EPA
What organization greatly influences the price and supply of oil? OPEC
What declines when taxes decline? government services
What type of primary permits voters to vote for candidates from any political party? open
How many terms did Edwin Edwards serve as governor? 4
What type of law addresses the acceptance of campaign contributions? ethics
Who was governor of Louisiana when terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2001? Murphy J. “Mike” Foster
Which is NOT a requirement to qualify for the Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS)? pay a $25 application fee
How did the high oil prices in the 1980s affect the world economy? It created a recession.
Who was the first African American to reach the gubernatorial runoff election in the twentieth century? Cleo Fields
Who did Governor Mike Foster appoint to head the Department of Health and Hospitals? Bobby Jindal
Where is the restored Strand Theater located? Shreveport
What is the name of the New Orleans professional football team? Saints
What self-taught artist painted scenes of life on Melrose Plantation? Clementine Hunter
What photographer published a book documenting Louisiana’s cemeteries? William Greiner
In 2000, who was awarded the first Louisiana Writers Award? Ernest Gaines
Which activity is NOT part of the gaming industry? Football
How does the new state approach to juvenile justice differ from the old approach? The new approach focuses on rehabilitation.
The overseeing of which area is NOT the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency? housing permits
What is the most pressing environmental threat to Louisiana? saving the wetlands
Who did Kathleen Babineaux Blanco defeat in 2003 to become governor of Louisiana? Bobby Jindal
What was the major cause of the 2005 flooding in New Orleans? breaches in the levees on Lake Pontchartrain
What parish was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Rita in 2005? Cameron
Created by: Colleen Frazier