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MKTG Exam Rev

Chapter 2

What is opportunity identification? Using marketing research to find and evaluate new opportunities.
What is situation analysis? Studying the decision making evnironment within which the marketing research will take place.
What is exploratory research? Preliminary research conducted to increase understanding of a concept, to clarify the exact nature of the problem to be solved, or to identify important variables to be studied.
What is pilot studies? Surverys using a limited number of respondents and often employing less rigorous sampling techniques than are employed in large, quantitative studies.
What is experience surveys? Discussions with knowledgeable individuals, both inside and outside the organization, who may provide insights into the problem.
WHat is case analysis? Reviewing information from situations that are similar to the current one.
What is a marketing research problem? A statement specify ing the type of information needed by the decision maker to help solve the management decison problem and how that information can be obtained efficiently and effectively.
What is a marketing research objective? A goal statement, defining the specific information needed to solve the marketing research problem.
What is a management decision problem? A statement specifying the type of managerial action required to solve the problem.
What is a hypothesis? A conjectural statement about a relationship between two or more variables that can be tested with empirical data.
What is a research design? Th plan to be followed to answer the marketing research objectives.
What is descriptive studies? Research studies that answer the questions who, what, when, where, and how.
What is a variable? A symbol or concept that can assume any one of a set of values.
What is causal studies? Reseach studies that examine whether the value of one variable causes or determines the value of another variable.
What is a dependent variable? A symbol or concept expected to be explained or influenced by the independent variable.
What is an independent varible? A symbol or concept over which the researcher has some control and that is hypothesized to cause or influence the dependent variable.
What is temporal sequence? An appropriate causal order of events.
What is concomitant variation? The degree to which a presumed cuase and a presumed effect occur or vary together.
What is concomitant variation? The degree to which a presumed cause and a presumed effect occur or vary together.
What is spurious association? A relationship between a presumed cause and a presumed effect that occurs as a result of an unexamined variable or set of variables.
What is survey research? Research in which an interviewer (excpet in mail and internet surveys) interacts with respondents to obtain facts, opinions, and attitudes.
What is observation research? Typically, descriptive research that monitors respondents' actions without direct interaction.
What are experiments? Research to measure causality, in which the researcher changes one or more independent variables and observes the effect of the changes on the dependent variable.
What is a probability sample? A subset of a population where every element in the population has a known nonzero chance of being selected.
What is a nonprobability sample? A subset of a population in which the chances of selection for the various elements in the population are unknown.
What is a research request? An internal document used by large orgainzations that describes a potential research project, its benefits to the organization, and estimated costs; it must be formally approved before a research project can begin.
What is a request for proposal (RFP)? A solicitation sent to marketing research suppliers inviting them to submit a formal proposal, including a bid.
What is a research proposal? A document developed, usually in responce to an RFP, that presents the research objectives, research design, time line, and cost.
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