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Chapter 14-LA

True/False The United States passed its first draft law during World War II. False
True/False More women entered the work force during World War II than at any other time in history. True
True/False After World War II, Louisiana’s economy shifted from agriculture to industry. True
True/False African Americans migrated to northern cities where there was less discrimination after World War II. True
True/False The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 9, 1941. False
True/False Governors Jones and Davis left budget surpluses when they left office. True
True/False Television and rock and roll came about in the 1940s. False
True/False Sam Jones had a career as a country singer before becoming a governor. False
True/False The civil service system allows state workers to be dismissed when new governors are elected. False
True/False Earl Long had never held a statewide office before he was elected governor. False
deliberate damage or destruction sabotage
a period when a city had to be completely dark at night so that enemy planes could not locate it during an air raid black out
to limit the consumption of scarce resources or supplies a. sabotage b. victory garden c. d. USO ration
a garden planted by civilians during World War II to provide fresh vegetables victory garden
organizations intended to provide a “home away from home” for those serving in the military United Service Organization
an employment system where workers take tests for government jobs and cannot be fired for their political views or party affiliations civil service system
a law that allows workers to get and keep jobs without having to join a union right-to-work law
term used to describe the strained relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II; it was mainly fought with words and diplomacy Cold War
What event caused World War II to break out in Europe? Germany’s attack on Poland
What Louisiana parish served as a headquarters for a “mock war” during World War II? DeSoto
Why did Japan decide to invade Indonesia? to seize the country’s oil supply
Who was the leader of Germany during World War II? Adolf Hitler
In what parish is Barksdale Field located? Bossier
What event brought the United States into World War II? the attack on Pearl Harbor
What was the purpose of blackouts during World War II? to keep enemy planes from locating cities
What wartime industry was established in Ruston? egg dehydration
What famous Louisiana pilot led the Fighting Tigers? Claire Chennault
What part did Louisiana play in D-Day? Boats used in the invasion were made in the state.
Why did so many farm jobs in Louisiana disappear after World War II? Machines replaced many workers.
What Louisiana governor had been the youngest mayor in the United States? Robert Kennon
What resource contributed to a post-World War II economic boom in Louisiana? oil
What group of people was opposed to the right-to-work law? unions
Where did Elvis Presley perform before he became internationally famous? on the “Louisiana Hayride”
What form of music became popular in the 1950s? rock and roll
Which condition was NOT caused by scarcity during World War II? People worked at different jobs.
With what country did the United States engage in a Cold War? Soviet Union
What type of attack was feared during the Cold War? atomic
What four-time mayor of New Orleans ran unsuccessfully for governor three times? deLesseps Morrison
Where did the D-Day invasion take place? France
Where was the Louisiana Ordnance Plant built? Webster Parish
The “mock wars,” which were held in Louisiana, were directed by General Dwight Eisenhower and who? General George Patton
What Parish was Barksdale Field, which became an important training center during World War II? Bossier
Who developed the largest shipbuilding plant in the world in Louisiana. Andrew Jackson Higgins
What was the term used to describe the limitation placed on certain goods during World War II? Rationing
What provided unemployment and education allowances as well as home, farm, and business loans to World War II veterans? G.I. Bill
What laws allow workers to get and keep jobs without having to join a labor union? Right-to-work
The hostility that existed between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II was known as what because it was fought with words and diplomacy? Cold War
During the Cold War, what did citizens built for safety during an atomic attack? fallout shelters
The term home front was used during World War II to refer to what? civilian life
What were established near military bases to provide entertainment and support for troops? USO’s
Created by: Colleen Frazier