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Chapter 5 Nature of Energy

What is energy? The ability to do work or cause change
Name the two kinds of energy. kinetic and potential
What is kinetic energy? Energy that an object has due to its motion
What is potential energy? Energy that is stored and held in readiness
Name the two factors that energy depends on. Mass and Velocity
What is the formula for kinetic energy? Mass x Velocity2 divided by 2
Which has a greater effect on kinetic energy, mass or velocity? Velocity
Name two types of potential energy? Elastic and Gravitational
What is elastic potential energy? The energy of streched or compressed objects
What is gravitational potential energy? Potential energy that depends on the height of objects
What is the formula for gravatational potential energy Weight x Height
What is a joule? A measure of energy (A unit of work equal to one newton-energy)
Name six other form of energy. Mechanical, Thermal Chemical, Electrical Electormagnetic and Nuclear
What is Mechanical Energy? The energy associated with the motion or position of an object.
What is Thermal Energy? The total energy of the particles ina substance or material.
What is Chemical Energy? The potential energy stored in chemical bonds that hold chemical compunds together.
What is Electrical Energy The energy caried by moving electrical charges.
What is Nuclear Energy? Energy stored in teh nucleus of an atom.
A bowling ball hitting bowling pins is an example of what type of energy? Kinectic Energy
An archer pulling back on the bow is an example of what type of energy? Potential Energy
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