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Chapter 13-LA

Forbidding by the law the making and selling of alcoholic beverages prohibition
An organization that worked to stop the sale of alcoholic beverages Women’s Christian Temperance Union
A fee on resources taken from the land such as oil and gas severance tax
A secret, racist organization that used violence and intimidation, against those, especially immigrants and minorities, whose behavior or actions it did not like Klu Klux Klan
An organization whose job it was to regulate transportation and communication companies; originally called the Railroad Commission Public Service Commission
A break in the levee crevasse
The process of bringing charges of wrongdoing against a public official while that official is still in office impeachment
To remove or suppress censor
Huey Long’s economic program that would have eliminated poverty by giving every family a minimum income; the program also called for providing old-age pension to elderly people Share Our Wealth program
It began in 1929 with the stock market crash that lasted into the 1940’s Great Depression
A New Deal program that provided work for single young men between the ages of 18 and 25; the young men did soil conservation work and some road construction Civilian Conservation Corps
A New Deal that provided work for men and families; the men built schools, courthouses, parks, and other public buildings; the WPA also hired artists to paint murals on public buildings and writers to compile county information Works Progress Administration
What type of music is associated with Louis Armstrong? jazz
What was the site of Louisiana’s first radio broadcast? Loyola University
What was the term used to describe a ban on making and selling alcoholic beverages? prohibition
What is the subject of the political cartoon from the power point? temperance movement
Which caption BEST describes the content of the political cartoon from the power point?? Put an End to Alcoholic Beverages
What constitutional amendment prohibited the manufacture of alcoholic beverages? 18th Amendment
What constitutional amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th Amendment
Why was the Louisiana constitution of 1921 described as the most “legislative” of all of the state’s constitutions? It was very specific rather than a broad framework.
Who was president of the United States at the time of the 1927 Flood? Calvin Coolidge
What issue was addressed for the first time in the Louisiana constitution of 1921? environment
What was Huey Long’s ultimate goal? to become president of the United States
Why was Huey Long shot? because he intended to gerrymander the district of a political enemy
What company did Huey Long confront during his time as a member of the Railroad Commission? Standard Oil Company
What law was passed in Louisiana as a result of an incident in Morehouse Parish involving the KKK? members of the Klan could no longer wear masks
Which Louisiana city was NOT affected by the Flood of 1927? Shreveport
Which program was NOT supported by Huey Long when he was governor? elimination of severance tax
Who was governor of Louisiana when the LSU Medical School was established in New Orleans? O. K. Allen
What happened to Louisiana’s cotton crop during the Great Depression? The price of cotton fell dramatically.
Why did Franklin Roosevelt close banks when he became president? to prevent “runs” on the banks
What event immediately preceded the Great Depression? the stock market crash
What caused banks to fail during the depression? The banks had invested a great deal of money in the stock market.
Why did population patterns change so often during the depression? Families moved often in search of work.
What did Franklin Roosevelt do to reduce the effects of the depression the day after he became president? He closed all the banks until federal examiners could determine if they were sound enough to survive.
Which improvement for farmers was a direct result of the REA (Rural Electrification Administration)? new milking machines
Which New Deal agency was responsible for building forest trails and roads, planting trees, and improving national parks? CCC
Which New Deal agency is remembered for art-related projects? WPA
What New Deal agency was created to ensure banks would be less likely to fail in the future? FDIC
What is the subject of the political cartoon on page 446? the New Deal
Why did the cartoonist describe the New Deal by saying , “It is evolution, not revolution, gentlemen?” The New Deal gradually came about.
What were illegal bars during prohibition often called? speakeasies
Who sold smuggled liquor? bootleggers
Who made their own liquor to sell to those who wanted it? moonshiners
Who set up refugee camps for people in Louisiana who were forced from their homes by the Flood of 1927? Red Cross
Who did President Calvin Coolidge send to visit flooded areas of Louisiana? Hoover
What Parish was Huey Long born in? Winn
What did congress establish to provide a national system of old-age insurance financed by taxes on wages? Social Security Administration
What were places where alcohol was forbidden called? Dry
What did the Ku Klux Klan began as a club for? Confederate veterans
Created by: Colleen Frazier