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Chapter 12-LA

The name given to those Redeemer Democrats who held political power in Louisiana in the late 1800’s; they supported states’ rights and white supremacy and did not see the need for change Boubons
On who strongly opposes progress reactionary
A private company that operated in Louisiana during the late 1800’s; they held a great deal of political power because of the contribution it made to politicians Louisiana Lottery Company
A farmers’ organization started in 1888; the union urged members to work together to keep their costs down Farmers’ Union
A member of the People’s Party Populist
The name given to the cooperation of the Republicans and Populists in the late 1890s In an attempt to defeat the Democrats fusion movement
To take the right to vote away from a person or group disfranchise
In the 1898 state constitution that, to register to vote, excused a person from proving he owned property and could read and write if he had been able to vote on January 1, 1867; the clause virtually disfranchised blacks grandfather clause
Public and social separation of the races segregation
Laws that restricted the freedom of African Americans and required separate-but-equal public facilities for whites and for blacks Jim Crow laws
The concept resulting from the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson that permitted states to pass laws that made it legal to have separate public facilities for whites and blacks separate-but-equal concept
A method to earn money for the state by renting convicts to private businesses; they built bridges, levees, roads and railroads and worked and lived under terrible conditions convict release system
A labor union tactic where workers refuse to work, usually over some grievance, until their demands are heard and addressed strike
A wall of woven willows weighted with stone and held by heavy timbers that increased the flow of the river and removed river sediment jetty
A series of movements whose members believed that government was the best to correct the ills of society progressive movement
A government insurance program for those killed or injured on the job workers’ compensation
What term describes the Louisiana Bourbons? reactionary
What benefit did the state receive from the Louisiana Lottery? money for charity hospitals
Why did the Louisiana Lottery become powerful? It contributed large amounts of money to elected officials.
During this period, what political party was made up of mostly whites in Louisiana? Democratic
What was the name for the company-issued paper certificates that were only good at company stores? scrip
Where was the first offshore oil well drilled? Caddo Parish
What change was included in the Louisiana constitution of 1879? It reduced the term of the governor by one year.
What group was caught in a credit cycle after the Civil War? farmers
Which group of people wanted the government to have more control over the economy? Populists
Why did sugar planters leave the Democratic Party? The Democrats opposed protective tariffs
Who were the fusionists? Republicans and Populists
What requirement for voting was NOT part of the Louisiana constitution of 1898? Voters must be 18 years of age.
What provision was made in the Louisiana constitution of 1898 to prevent the loss of white voters? grandfather clause
What U.S. Supreme Court case established the separate-but-equal concept? Plessy v. Ferguson
What system provided cheap labor in Louisiana? convict lease system
What were black farm workers who moved to Kansas after Reconstruction called? Exodusters
Why were planters disturbed about the Exodusters? They were afraid they would lose their labor force.
Why did Louisiana establish the convict lease system? to earn money
What New Orleans event, held in what is now Audubon Park, showcased the economic growth of the late 1800s? Cotton Centennial
Where was the Pharr and Williams’s Sawmill built? St. Mary Parish
What made mail delivery more dependable in the late 1880s? railroads
Which nation was NOT included in the Allied Powers during World War I? Germany
Who was president of the United States during World War I? Woodrow Wilson
During World War I, where in Louisiana was a large military camp established? Pineville
Who was one of Louisiana’s most famous heroes of World War I? John A. LeJeune
What did workers form to improve wages and get better benefits? labor unions
What gave the Louisiana Lottery Company official permission to operate? charter
What bought about the growth of the lumber industry? Railroads
What were the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) were known as? Wobblies
What governor ended the convict lease system? W.W. Heard
Who was the president of the United States during the Spanish-American War? William McKinley
What was one of the first Louisiana cities to have electric trolley cars? Shreveport
What were roads built of logs were referred to as? Corduroy
What was the nickname for the telephone? talking telegraph
Created by: Colleen Frazier