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Chapter 11-LA

Former slaves freedmen
The steps taken to restore the southern states to the Union and to rebuild the South after the Civil War Reconstruction
To approve or make valid ratify
One who holds extremist views or wants drastic changes radical
A person who supported the Union during the entire Civil War period Unionist
A series of laws passed by the legislature after the Civil War that restricted the freedmen’s actions, movement, and conduct; the laws also required the freedmen to sign one-year labor contracts Black Code
A written legal agreement contract
A federal government agency established in 1865 to provide food, shelter, education, health care, and employment for former slaves in the South Freedmen’s Bureau
The congressional Reconstruction plan that placed the South in five military districts, required much stricter loyalty oaths, and required the states to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment before being readmitted to the Union military Reconstruction
The term applied to a northern white who moved into the South to help carry out Congress’s Reconstruction plan after the Civil War carpetbagger
The term applied to a native white southerner who supported the Republican Party during the Reconstruction scalawag
A secret organization that operated in Louisiana during military Reconstruction and that used threats and physical violence to keep the freedmen from voting or to force them to vote for Democratic candidates Knights of White Camelia
Deliberate deception for unfair or unlawful gain fraud
The absence of government or a state of lawlessness anarchy
An organization established in 1874 by the redeemer Democrats to restore political power to the prewar white Democrats White League
An agricultural system that developed in the South after the Civil War where a planter provided the land, the tools, and a cabin and the workers labored all year in return for a share of the profit when the crop was sold sharecropping
The ability to buy something now and pay for the item over a period of time credit
Which statement does NOT describe conditions in Louisiana after the Civil War? Former planters were in federal prisons.
Which statement BEST describes newly freed slaves in Louisiana after the Civil War? They continued to live in poverty.
Under Andrew Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction, what did the southern states have to do to be readmitted to the Union? They had to ratify the 13th Amendment.
What was the purpose of the Black Code? To restrict the actions and movement of freedmen
Why was the Louisiana constitutional convention to be reopened? To give the freedmen the right to vote
Why were former Confederates unable to vote during the period of military Reconstruction? They were unable to swear that they had been loyal to the Union.
What did the national government agree to do to ensure the election of Rutherford B. Hayes? Remove federal troops from the South
What was the system whereby workers and planters bought the current year’s supplies on credit and paid for the items when their crop was sold? crop lien
Which statement does NOT correctly describe Lincoln’s or Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction? Johnson’s plan allowed states to reenter the Union when they ratified the 14th Amendment.
What group was NOT prominent in Louisiana’s Republican Party after the Civil War? planters
What might happen to freedmen who did NOT sign labor contracts to work on plantations? They might be forced to work for certain people.
Originally, what was the Freedmen’s Bureau to do to help former slaves? Provide food
Which argument was given by white southerners to deny former slaves the right to vote? They were not ready for citizenship.
What political party favored giving former slaves the right to vote? Republican
During Radical Reconstruction, how many military districts were established in the South? 5
Why did the loyalty oath required under Radical Reconstruction disfranchise more former Confederates? Former Confederates could not swear that they had always been loyal to the United States.
In 1868, what provision was added to Louisiana’s constitution for the first time? a bill of rights
What was the purpose of the Returning Board? It could throw out the votes from any place if fraud was suspected.
The election of what political official caused the Colfax Riot? sheriff
Where did the Battle of Liberty Place take place? New Orleans
What was the significance of the election of 1876 in the South? It brought Reconstruction to an end.
What is another term for military Reconstruction? Radical Reconstruction
What charge was Governor Henry Clay Warmoth impeached on? corruption
To prevent voter intimidation in the South, Congress passed what law in 1870? Enforcement Act
What parish did the Colfax Riot take place in? Grant
In a famous steamboat race between New Orleans and St. Louis, who defeated the Natchez? Robert E. Lee
Who was the leader of the Metropolitan Police created by Governor Warmoth? James Longstreet
What was the popular Baton Rouge baseball team formed after the Civil War? Red Sticks
What did Dr. Louis Roudanez and his brother, Jean Roudanez, published which became the voice for African American rights? The New Orleans Tribune
In the 1872 Louisiana gubernatorial election, who did Governor Warmoth supported as the Democratic candidate? John McEnery
Created by: Colleen Frazier