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Chapter 10-LA

The belief that states could block or overrule the actions of the federal government state’s rights
The 1820 agreement by Congress that Missouri would enter the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state and slavery would not be allowed in any states formed north of a line even with Missouri’s southern border Missouri Compromise
Legislation passed by Congress by which California was admitted as a free state, part of Texas was given to New Mexico, the fugitive slave law was strengthened, and the issue of whether slavery would be permitted in New Mexico and Utah would be determined Compromise of 1850
One who wanted to free the slaves abolitionists
The withdrawal of a state from the Union secession
Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause propaganda
The name of the government formed by the southern states when they seceded from the Union in the early 1860’s Confederate States of America
To volunteer to join the army enlist
A one-time reward for enlisting bounty
A draft; compulsory enlistment for military service conscription
A military plan with a specific goal that may have several battles in more than one location campaign
A winged one was built by Union forces in 1864 in order to raise the water level in the Red River so that Union gunboats could sail downriver Bailey’s dam
A member of a small military group that harasses the enemy guerrilla
Legislation passed by the U.S. Congress in July 1862 that enabled Union forces to seize the property of rebels Confiscation Act
The 1863 proclamation by which President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the confederate states Emancipation Proclamation
According to the map on page 315, what state had the largest number of electoral votes in 1860? New York
According to the map on page 315, how many electoral votes did Louisiana have? 6
According to the map on page 315, which candidate received Louisiana’s electoral votes? John Breckinridge
Which provision of the Compromise of 1850 did NOT benefit the North? the Fugitive Slave Law
What political party was formed because of the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Republican
What law promoted the concept of popular sovereignty, allowing people to decide for themselves whether or not to permit slavery? Kansas-Nebraska Act
What law was basically repealed by allowing popular sovereignty? Missouri Compromise
How did Uncle Tom’s Cabin help the cause of the abolitionists? It depicted slave owners as cruel and hardhearted.
In Louisiana, who received the greatest number of popular votes in the election of 1860? John C. Breckinridge
Newspapers that labeled Abraham Lincoln “a black Republican Abolitionist”might be accused of using propaganda.
Who was Louisiana’s governor when the state seceded from the Union? Thomas Moore
Who was called the “brains of the Confederacy?” Judah P. Benjamin
Where was the first training site for soldiers in Louisiana? Camp Walker
What was the first state to secede from the Union? South Carolina
The commander of the United States Navy at New Orleans was David Farragut.
What was the goal of the Anaconda Plan? to gain control of the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy
Where did the longest siege of the Civil War take place? Port Hudson
After what major battle did the Confederates at Port Hudson surrender? Vicksburg
Why did the Union troops want to capture Shreveport? It was the Confederate capital of Louisiana.
What battle was part of the Red River Campaign? Battle of Mansfield
Which was NOT a result of the federal blockade of New Orleans? Slaves were forced to remain on the plantations.
What was the purpose of the Emancipation Proclamation? to pressure the Confederates to end the war
The first combat action of the Corps d’Afrique took place at the Battle of Port Hudson.
Which action was NOT taken by General Benjamin Butler when he was in charge of the occupied city of New Orleans? He ordered his soldiers to burn parts of the city.
Which location did NOT serve as the headquarters for Louisiana’s government during the Civil War? New Orleans
Why did Governor Henry Watkins Allen want the state to control the manufacture and distribution of liquor? He wanted to use the corn that was used in whiskey to feed people and livestock.
Which Louisiana governor supported pensions for former Confederates, kept trade routes open with Mexico, and established a factory to make medicine? Henry Watkins Allen
Who was the most outspoken opponent of secession in Louisiana? James G. Taliaferro
Who was one of Louisiana’s Civil War companies, known for being wild and uncontrollable but heroic fighters? Louisiana Tigers
Who was the Union commander who took control of New Orleans? Benjamin Butler
Who was the Confederate commander at the Battle of Mansfield? General Richard Taylor
What did confederates call draft dodgers? Jayhawkers
Who replaced Benjamin Butler as commander of the Union forces in New Orleans? Nathaniel Banks
Who was the military governor of Louisiana? Colonel George F. Shepley
Where was the surrender that ended the Civil War get signed? Appomattox Court House, Virginia
Created by: Colleen Frazier