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Chapter 9-LA

era before the civil war antebellum
those who move into a new country in order to settle there immigrant
a small group with common goals with in a larger group faction
each group gives way a little in its demands in order to settle a disagreement compromise
the right to vote suffrage
a severe, continued downturn in the economy where sales and prices drop, manufacturing decreases, business close, banks fail, and people lose their jobs depression
goods sent or sold to another country exports
a commercial agent who provides financial and business assistance to clients factor
a manmade waterway that connects other bodies of water, such as Louisiana rivers and bayous canal
roads bridges, canals, and other transportation needs internal improvements
the belief by Americans that they were destined to spread out across America manifest destiny
a private teacher tutor
What was the largest group of immigrants who came to the United States during the antebellum period? Irish
Which cultural group included vacheries? Acadian
What musical instrument was NOT permitted on plantations? drum
Which vegetable came from Africa? okra
Which statement describes one belief of Jacksonian democracy? Suffrage should be extended.
In the antebellum period, which section of Louisiana believed that state government was neglecting its interests? North
Which Louisiana governor moved the state capital to Donaldsonville? Henry Johnson
Who was the architect of the capitol built in Baton Rouge? James Dakin
Why were the state legislators unhappy with the selection of Donaldsonville as Louisiana’s capital? It was too small.
What political candidate was referred to as the choice of the common man? Andrew Jackson
Why did the Know Nothing Party (American Party) oppose immigration? Its members blamed the immigrants for the unemployment of American workers.
What political party was supported by sugar planters? Whig
During the antebellum period, what was the largest group of Indians to be pushed out of Louisiana? Caddo
Who was an early leader of the Whig Party in Louisiana? Alexander Porter
What provision was included in the Louisiana constitution of 1852? Representation in both houses of the legislature was based on population.
What were the two primary items found in the diet of Louisiana farmers? hogs and corn
What was built by the government to protect the plantation economy? a levee system
According to the map on page 295, which Louisiana city is NOT located on a railroad route? Shreveport
According to the map on page 295, which is the southernmost Louisiana city located on a railroad route? Morgan City
Which statement BEST explains the information on the map on page 295? Roads were located in all sections of Louisiana.
What event caused the Mexican-American War to break out? U.S. troops in the Rio Grande area
Children who received scholarships to private schools often did not attend because scholarships were viewed as charity.
Which disease was responsible for one of the worst epidemics in Louisiana? cholera
Who was a former African slave who became a wealthy free woman? Madame Marie-Justine Cirnaire Couvent
The American Party was often referred to as what? Know Nothings
The first American governor of Louisiana was who? William C.C. Claiborne
What was the economic depression that showed that the Louisiana state constitution needed economic and banking controls? Panic of 1837
What was a commercial agent who represented planters in the sale of their crops was known as? factor
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
Who invented a vacuum pan evaporator to refine sugar? Norbert Rillieux
Who did planters often hired to supervise the work of slaves? overseers
The first road-improvement bill in Louisiana funded a road from where through Washington Parish to Mississippi? Covington
Who was president of the United States when the Mexican War broke out? James K. Polk
Who was sent to Mexico to try to buy California before the Mexican War? John Slidell
Who taught drawing to children at Oakley Plantation in West Feliciana? John James Audubon
What invention greatly increased the speed of communications in Louisiana? telegraph
According to the political cartoon on page 284, which two groups of immigrants are depicted? Irish & Germans
According to the political cartoon on page 284, what is the main idea expressed? Immigrants stole elections
Created by: Colleen Frazier