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Chapter 2-Wahlig

Which communities are found in the countryside? rural communities
In a rural community, towns are________ and______ ________. small far apart
Rural communities are usually surrounded by _____ ______and _________. open lands fields
What town is located on the North River in the Shenandoah Valley? Bridgewater
What can people do for fun in Bridgewater? They do scouts and 4-H
Which communities are found near cities? suburban
Who changed a potato farm into a suburb? Abraham Levitt and his family
How was a potato farm changed into a suburb? By building many houses and parks on the land.
Which town is a suburb of New York City? Levittown
Why do people form communities? So they can live and work where they feel safe and comfortable.
Where are Levittown, New York and Wilmington, North Carolina located? Near the Atlantic Ocean
Where are urban communities found? in cities
Chicago, Illinois is an example of which type of community? urban
Where do people in Chicago work? department stores, banks, and office buildings
How is Chicago different from Levittown? Chicago has a large population and many businesses
What is one place of interest you could visit in Chicago? The Art Institute
True or False There are many fun things to do in both Chicago and Levittown. True
Why is Bridgewater a great place to live and go to school? Everyone knows each other and helps one another out.
Which town's Little League team won the Virginia State Championship in 2000? Bridgewater