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Social Studies Ch 3

Chapter 3

Whose idea was it to have England start colony Richard Hakluyt
Starting a colony was a good idea because (2) Provided a market for exports Build gold supply to send back to parent country (England)
Sir Walter Raleigh was leader of the first colony _____. He named it after the ____ queen Virgina Virgin
Sir Walter Raleigh's colony was located n the ___ ____ near North Carolina roanoke island
Sir Walter Raleigh's colony why did the first colony fail the Native American cut off the food supply because they wanted to take the native's land
John White established the second colony in ____ Roanoke
John White his daughter gave birth to ____ ____ while there Virgina Dare
John White went back to England to get ___ supply
John White when returned the entire colony was ___ gone (granddaughter too)
George Popham established a colony near ___ Maine
George Popham called the colony ____ Sagadahoc
George Popham shortage of ____ and ____ sent them back food warmth
Joint colonies used to finance ____ colonies
____ put money into a project and earn profits. They also get part ____ in the company (shares) Investors ownership
a written contract issued by a government the right to start a colony charter
Virgina Company of Landon financed on expedition that set up the first permanent settlement _____ jamestown
Malraia was a big problem-(Def) mosquito camea diesase
Instead of building houses they searched for ___ gold
Jamestown Grows 1608 only ___ colonists remained 38
Who took control and said "He that will not work shall not eat " He later waswounded and sent back to England. The contest began to stave John Smith
Who arrived and ended "staving time" using discipline Lord De La Warr
The colonist got ____ and African Americans arrived. The ____ grew tabacco population
Who are people who could not pay their way to the New World so they worked for the people that did pay for them to go Indentured servants
The colonist decded to they didnt like how Warr was so harsh so they created the ___ ___ ___ House of Burgesses
House of Burgess which became the first assembly with ___ ___ in the American colonies elect represtatives
Who did colonist trade with Powhatan
Who did Colonist John Rolfe marry Pocahontas
Colonists started talking over the Powhatan's ___ to grow ___ land tabacco
Powhatan's killed hundreds of ___ colonists
Bacon's Rebellion are wealthy ____ owners, battled poor, ___, white indentured ___ land freed servants
Who believed belevied the govenor should fight Native Americans for land in the frontier Nathaniel Bacon
The governor didnt agree with Nathaniel Bacon so he would not help so he started ___ ___ Bacon rebellion
Who burnt Jamestown to the ground Bacon
The govenor was sent back to ___ and the next govenor did not have as much ___ England Power
1500 who broke away from the catholic church and established the Church of ___ England
Who didnt want to be part of thr pigrams separatists
What was one separatists group called pilgrams
1620 Mayflower arrived in Machachusetts was already named ___ by John Smith Plymoth
The pilgrams signed the ___ ___ and said they would follow the rules of the colony mayflower compact
The pilgram found plymoth many people __ at first died
2 Native Americans named ___ and___ could speak English and negotiated a peace treaty for the land and trade food and goods Samoset and Santo
What did the Plumoth settlers celebrate one fall with a 3 day feast (thanksgiving) Good Harvest
What is a religious group that wanted to restore their religion and get away from England Puritans
Puritan was known as the what great migration
how many Puritans settled in Machettusettes 20,000
What is a group of Puritans who belong to the same church Congregation
the different congregation formed ___. town
The New England Way Each town had a ___ ___ where they made rules and other decisions headed by the govener meeting house
The New England Way Everyone was rewuires to go to Church Surman
The New England Way Playring and games -_____ and _____ was more important laziness and Education
The New England Way The General court chose a ___ leader
The New England Way Everyone had to learn to ____ so they could ___ the bible read
Many rules that you had to follow The New England Way
which puritan who set in a colony in Connecticut Thomas Hooker
What happened when the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut extending voting rights to non-church members and limited the power of the governor
Who set up the first colony in New Hampshire called Exerter John Wheelwright
who set up the first Baptist church in America Roger Williams
Roger William did not believe in what forced church and taking land from Native American
Who believed the people could worship the help of Church minister or bible Anne Hutchinson
What means they should "tremble" at the word of the Lord Quakers
Quakers believed they could know God through what "an inner light"
Quakers also wanted fair treatments for who Native Americans
Puritans VS Native Americans King Philip War
King Philip was the English name of the leader of ___ ___ Wapamoag Metacom
King Philip War Who lost the war and their land Wapamoag
what are a slave in Puritans New England village of Salem told stories about witches Tituba
The young girls began Accusing each other of _____ Witchcraft
What began in 1692 during the Salem Witchcraft the hunts and trials began
Salem Witchcraft how many people were accused and killed 20 people
What are the middle colonies new york New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware
What are the rivers that helped ship goods Hudson and Delware
what type of soil made good farming land rich
Dutch west India company was founded New Neatherland
what is person who could get 50 settlers to New Neatherland, were used to get people there Patroon
Patroon were given ___if they could get 50 people there land
Who is the England's king brother Duke of York
Once the duke of York removed all the Dutch people it became a ____ ____. proprietary colony
Who was the Proprietary (owner Duke of York
What was named after Duke New York
The Duke of York gave landto ___ ___ and Lord John Berkeley George Cartert
Who was a wealthy land owner William Pen
William Pen joined___ Quakers
William Pen owned large pieces of land named "___ ___" used for Quakers to live freely Penn's Woods
William Pen treated___ ___ fairly Native Americans
Southern Colonies Maryland Carolina's Georgia
Southern Colonies crops tabacco rice and indigo
Maryland was established by ____ ___ for fleeding Catholics Lord Baltimore
Carolina became a colony in 1663 and ___ ___ encouraged slavery
Carolina later became a what colony because the propreitary rule royal colony
What is ruled by governor appointed by the king royal colony
who founded Georgia James Oplethorpe
Georgia later became a what colony royal
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