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Chapter 7-LA

The crime of trying to overthrow the government of one’s own state or country. treason
The governing body of Louisiana while it was a Spanish colony; they made legal decisions, set policies for the colony and advised the governor. Cabildo
One who measures and marks off boundary lines to establish land ownership. surveyor
Not taking sides in a disagreement. neutral
A military force composed mainly of citizen-soldiers. militia
A situation that occurs when armed forces try to capture a fortified fort or town by surrounding it and preventing any supplies from reaching it. siege
An uprising that took place in France in 1789. French Revolution
During the Spanish colonial period, the ability to store goods in warehouses in New Orleans before loading them onto ocean-going ships. right of deposit
What name was given to the French and Indian War in Europe? The Seven Years’ War
Louisiana was transferred from France to Spain by the Treaty of Fountainebleu.
Why did Spain want Louisiana? to keep the British out of northern Mexico
What factor attracted the Acadians to Louisiana? French culture
Which statement BEST describes how the French and Indian War led to the American Revolution? Great Britain was heavily in debt after the war and tried to recover monies by taxing the colonies on the premise that the war had been necessary to protect the colonies from the French.
Which statement BEST describes how Great Britain’s victory in the French and Indian War contributed to later problems between the colonists and Indians? When the British gained French lands at the end of the war, the colonists moved into these new territories, which were occupied by the Indians.
Why was the transfer of Louisiana from France to Spain done in secret? The British might have demanded Louisiana as part of the settlement for winning the French and Indian War.
Why did the British consider the Acadians their enemies? The Acadians refused to take an oath of allegiance to the British.
Who was the first Spanish governor of Louisiana? Antonio de Ulloa
Under the rule of Antonio de Ulloa, the colonists in Louisiana maintained that the colony was still French because the governor never informed the French Superior Council of a transfer of power.
Which statement BEST explains why Alejandro O’Reilly was chosen to replace Antonio de Ulloa as Louisiana’s governor? O’Reilly was more forceful than Ulloa.
Which action was NOT taken by Alejandro O’Reilly? expanded trading with British settlements
Why were the Isleños sent to Louisiana? to create a Spanish presence in the Spanish colony
What was the first British fort captured by the Spanish in the American Revolution? Fort Bute
What present-day city was the site of the British Fort New Richmond? Baton Rouge
Spain did NOT openly support the colonists in the American Revolution because the Americans would not agree to stay east of the Allegheny Mountains.
During the American Revolution, what hindered the military movement of the Spanish in the Gulf of Mexico? hurricanes
What treaty gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River? Pinckney’s Treaty
What crop is credited with improving Louisiana’s economy after the American Revolution? sugar cane
Who was the first successful sugar producer in Louisiana? Etienne de Boré
What happened as a result of the slave uprising in Haiti (Saint-Domingue)? Louisiana stopped the importation of slaves from the West Indies.
What did Governor Carondelet do to improve his control of Louisiana during the French Revolution? He sought the support of the Indians.
Why did governor Carondelet falsify shipping records in New Orleans? because he was disobeying Spanish trade laws by allowing foreign merchant ships into New Orleans
Who was the Spanish governor of Louisiana who supported the Americans in the American Revolution? Galvez
How did Governor Unzaga help improve the economy of the colony? by allowing illegal trade with the British
What was the location of the British trading center where many French colonists purchased supplies illegally? Bayou Manchac
Why were western farmers angry about Spain’s control of the Mississippi River? They could not get their crops to a port.
Which of the following explains why the French Quarter’s architecture is not French? After the French Quarter burned down in a fire, it was rebuilt according to building codes established by the Spanish colonial government.
What was the goal of the Spanish during the American Revolution? to weaken the British and stop them from taking New Orleans
Which of the following was the main reason for the colonists rebelled against Governor Ulloa? he enforced the strict Spanish trade policies which damaged the economy.
How did O’Reilly deal with the leaders of the rebellion? he had them arrested then executed
Which of the following was a reason the Acadians did not trust the British? because the English king was protestant and the Acadians were catholic
How did Governor Miro deal with American settlers in Louisiana? he allowed them to settle in Louisiana, but did not allow them to be openly Protestant
Why was the French Revolution a concern to the Spanish colonial government in Louisiana? because there were many french colonists living in Louisiana who might also want to rebel.
Which of the following leaders was beheaded by his own people during the Reign of Terror? Louis XVI
What was the Cabildo in Spanish colonial Louisiana? a town council/court of law
What was the purpose of the Treaty of Paris of 1783? to end the American Revolution
Why did Spain trade Louisiana back to France in 1800? because the colony was a financial burden
According to the timeline on page 209, which came first? French and Indian War
According to the timeline on page 209, how many years passed between Pinckney’s Treaty and the American Revolution? 20 years
According to the timeline on page 209, which came last? First newspaper
According to the timeline on page 209, how many years passed between the Acadians coming and the Islenos coming to Louisiana? 13 years
Created by: Colleen Frazier