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Chapter 6-LA

A group of people who settle in a distant land but who still keep their ties to their native land. (mother country) colony
When an individual is given a charter (contract) to operate a colony as a business. proprietorship
Was in charge of judicial matters and was presided over by the commissary commissioner. Superior Council
A parcel of land given to the directors of the Company of the West under the condition that may bring settlers to the colony. land grants
The collapse of the French investment company, the Company of the West. Mississippi Bubble
A person who is bounded to a life of service to others and who is considered property. Slave
A large estate or farm. plantation
A set of laws governing the conduct of the slaves during the French colonial period. Code Noir
Young women who received this title because each girl brought her trousseau, or household goods, in a barrel-like chest. These were women of the streets of Paris who had a bad reputation. Casket Girls
Long dreamed of finding a water route to China. Claimed the Mississippi Valley for France. Was killed by his men. La Salle
Son of a wealthy Canadian landowner. Founded a French colony near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Was later called back to fight in war in Europe. On his return to Louisiana he died in Havana, Cuba of Yellow Fever. Iberville
Iberville’s younger brother who became the leader of the colony at Iberville’s death. Bienville
A French businessman, who had loaned money to King Louis XIV in 1712, and was the first proprietor of the Louisiana colony. Crozat
Louis Joliet and Father Marquette journeyed down the Mississippi River to the mouth of the Arkansas River. They did not travel further down the river because they were told there were armed Indians downriver.
What was the “speaking bark” that local Indians mentioned to Iberville and Bienville? a letter from Tonti to La Salle
Joliet and Marquette cut short their trip down the Mississippi River because they feared attacks from the Indians.
What was the name given to the laws established by Bienville to govern the conduct of slaves? Code Noir
What caused the collapse of the Mississippi Bubble? The Company of the West could not repay its investors.
Who was the first proprietor of Louisiana? Antoine Crozat
Antoine de Lamothe, Sieur de Cadillac had troubles with the Indians because he refused to smoke the calumet.
What is the correct chronological order of these events? 1. New Orleans founded. 2. Iberville established Fort Maurepas. 3. Louisiana became a proprietary colony. 4. Natchitoches founded. 2-3-4-1
Who headed the Company of the West? John Law
What nationality were the colonists John Law attracted to Louisiana because it would be a haven from the hopeless situation in their home country? Germans
What was the cause of the Natchez Uprising? The French demanded the Natchez give up their land.
How did the Natchez Uprising negatively affect the French colonists? They lost some of their best farms.
Why was life in Louisiana hard after Iberville returned to France? France did not send supplies to Louisiana.
Who was the first Louisiana governor to suggest growing indigo and tobacco as cash crops? Antoine de Lamothe, Sieur de Cadillac
Which Louisiana governor is credited with hosting the first Mardi Gras ball? Pierre Francois de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil
Who took a big risk by bluffing the British navy, causing them to turn around and abandon their efforts to establish a fort on the Mississippi River? Bienville
On his return trip from France, what happened to La Salle? He missed the mouth of the Mississippi River and landed in Texas.
What eventually caused Bienville to retire? failed Chickasaw War
What were early European explorers hoping to find in North America? Northwest Passage
Who was living among the Chickasaw that caused Bienville to demand that they be turned over to the French? Natchez Indians
What was the official religion of the colony? Roman Catholic
Which of the following French explorers was a victim of mutiny? La Salle
According to the North American Territory map, who controlled most of the United States? French
According to the map, what did the Spanish primarily control? Central America
According to the timeline, which city was founded first? Philadelphia
According to the timeline, how many years passed from the founding on Cadillac to the founding of New Orleans? 17 years
Which of the following had the highest population at the end of the French colonial period in Louisiana? New Orleans
Which Indian tribe allied themselves with the British? Chickasaw
Which of the following was the first French fort in the Louisiana Colony? Fort Maurepas
Which of the following saw Louisiana with their own eyes? Antoine Cadillac
What does “Louisiana” mean? Land of Louis
How did Cadillac offend the local Indians? refused to smoke the calumet
Where were unruly sons threatened to be sent to if they didn’t behave? New Orleans
Which of these is not in the Code Noir? could carry weapons
Iberville had trouble getting colonists and supplies for the forts in Louisiana because the French became involved in a European war that drained their resources.
Who provided the money for the first charity hospital in New Orleans? Jean Louis
Created by: Colleen Frazier