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A place where people live, work, and have fun together is called a_____________________. community
Which community lies in a pass between two sets of mountains? El Paso
Who influenced the culture and history of El Paso? Native American and Spanish settlers
True or False The U.S./world has many kinds of communities. True
Which community is located in Oregon? Astoria
Which ocean is Astoria located by? The Pacific Ocean
What do people in Astoria like to do for fun? fish, swim, and go boating
Which community is located between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean? Wilmington, North Carolina
Who settled Wilmington? Followed by the_______________. Native Americans English
Which community is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains near the middle of the U.S.? Denver, Colorado
Who settled Denver? Native Americans
What do you call the way a group of people lives? culture
Culture includes 7 things. They are: language, music, religion, food, clothing, holidays, and beliefs
The main language in Mali is____________. French
___________has always been important to the people of Timbuktu. Religion
Centuries ago, you would see ________carrying goods from place to place in Mali. camels
True or False People no longer ride camels in Mali. False
Name some people who work in our community. Letter carriers, police officers, medics, firefighters, office workers, and store clerks
Denver was a Native American settlement until_________, _________, and ___________ arrived. fur traders, miners, prospectors
Where is Mali located? in the desert
The weather is________and ________because the sun shines every day. hot and dry