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Stop Motion


Animation A filmmaking technique where the illusion of motion is created frame-by-frame.
Frame-by-frame The filmmaking technique in animation where each frame is exposed one at a time and the object being photographed is slightly altered for each picture.
Stop Motion A form of animation in which objects are filmed frame-by-frame and altered slightly in between each frame.
Script The written story of a film that supplies dialogue, camera moves, background, staging and action.
Storyboard A visual representation of a story.
Claymation Animation of models constructed from clay or plastic
Cinematographer A person with expertise in the art of capturing images either electronically or on film stock through the application of visual recording devices and the selection and arrangement of lighting.
Digital Editing Editing a portion of a movie by digitizing one or more frames and altering them electronically or combining them with other digitized images, and then printing the modified frame.
Director The principal creative artist on a movie set.
Frame Rate The number of frames captured or projected per second.
Microphone A device which converts sound into electrical impulses, usually for recording or amplification.
Scene A continuous block of storytelling either set in a single location or following a particular character: typically marked by a change in location, style, or time.
Set An environment used for filming.
Time Lapse Photography A form of animation in which numerous single frames are filmed spaced at a given interval to show a process that would take a very long time to occur. i.e. a flower blooming, or the motion of the stars.
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