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Muscle Phys

USCSOM: Physiology Muscle

Thick filaments are polymers of ______ myosin
Thin filaments are polymers of _______ actin
What blocks the myosin binding site on actin? tropomyosin
What type of troponin binds tropomyosin? Troponin T
What type of troponin inhibits actin/myosin interaction? Troponin I
What type of troponin binds calcium to unblock the myosin binding site? Troponin C
What enzyme transports Ca into the Sarcoplasmic reticulum? SERCA (Sarcoplasmic endoplasmic reticulum Atp ase)
What is EPP? End Plate Potential
What is the equilibrium potential for K? -90 mV
What is the equilibrium potential for Na? +69 mV
What is the equilibrium potential for ACh? -20 mV
What two membrane enzymes are involved with Calcium release in the SR? ryanodine receptor and DHP (dihydropyridine) receptor
What kind of receptors are at the neuro-muscular junction? nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
What disease involves activation of ryanodine receptors by anesthetics? malignant hyperthermia
What is the response to a single action potential? twitch response
What is the term for the maximum response for a muscle fiber? tetanus
What is the term for the force developed for no change in length? isometric contraction
What is the term for a muscle contraction with a constant load? isotonic contraction
What type of muscle fibers are Type I? slow twitch, slow oxidative
What type of mm fibers are Type IIb? fast, fatigable
What type of mm fibers are Type IIa? fast, fatigue resistant
What are dense bodies? attachment points of actin filaments in smooth muscle
What are caveoli? membrane invaginations of smooth muscle
In smooth muscle, Ca binds to what enzyme? calmodulin
Activated calmodulin activates what phosphorylating protein? MLCK (myosin light chain kinase)
What level of phosphorylation is required to produce maximum force? 30-40%
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