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Stack #190822

IMMS Black Death-Dark Ages

Caffa Ancient port city on the Black Sea, believed the port from where the Bubonic Plague that devastated originated. Today, it is called Feodosiya in the Ukraine.
Plague A destructive disease causing a high rate of mortality.
Pestilence A contagious or infectious disease that is devastating.
Epidemic A rapidly spreading outbreak of disease that affects a large portion of the population.
Bubo An inflammatory swelling of a lymph gland, especially in the groin.
Flagellant A person who whips him/herself to seek penance.
Anti-Semitism Hatred, hostility, or discrimination of people of Jewish descent.
Bubonic Plague "Black Death"; a deadly disease carried by fleas on rodents that devastated the population of Europe in the mid-14th century.
Penitence Sorrow for sins, wrongdoings, or faults.
Who defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours? Charles Martel
Created by: PRO Teacher rudmanj on 2009-01-04

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