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Soc Study Guide

Final Exam Soc(social Studies)

"Be it enacted...That all person born in the United States and not subjected to any foreign power...are hereby declared to be citizens of the U.S... This excerpt comes from the what? Civil Rights Act of 1866
Which on best compares(something they had in common) President of a collage/ Urged for reconciliation after the Civil War/ President of the U.S./ Confederate general during the Civil War? Urged for reconciliation after Civil War
Of which industry is the city of Chicago best known? Automobiles/ Meat-packing/ Railroads/ Steel Meat-packing
?- Increased production Reduced farm labor needs, what fills in for the question mark?(hint: which of the following increased how farmers could produce while decreasing the amount of workers needed?) Electricity telephones Mechanization industrialization Mechanization
What did Jim Crow law promote? Racial Segregation/ Social Equality/ Vocational Edu/ Civil Rights Racial Segregation
After one year from ratification of this article the manufacture,sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the important therefor into... This excerpt is from what Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? 18th
Who was known for Big Stick Diplomacy? Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin D. Roosevelt? Theodore Roosevelt
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