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roaring 20's

Study guide

The development of ___________ contributed strongly with powering labor- saving devices in the home. Electrification
What was NOT an example of how life in the 1920's was affected by electrification? A young girl building a fire
______ ______ was responsible for creating automobiles on a moving assembly line and making the automobiles for the average American. Henry Ford
The best explanation for an automobile casting less during the 1920's than those produced before World War I was that automobiles in the 1920's were _____ -produced in factories. Mass
The affordability of automobiles in the 1920's resulted in more jobs and greater _________, which means movement. Mobility
in the 1920's what was new forms of entertainment became available to many Americans? Radio and Movies
There were several technological advances during the 1920's including mobility through the more affordable 1.___________, communication through 2.__________-,radios and movies, and electrification of American homes. Automobiles 2. Telephones
What was not a changing development in American communication? The building of telegraph lines
The method in which workers stay in one place as a products move along on a moving belt is called a _________ line. Assembly
Illegal bars of the Prohibition era were called ___________. Speakeasies
As a result of Prohibition, there was a growth of organized ________. Crime
The ratification of the 21st Amendment marked the end of ___________. Prohibition
One major product advantage of the assembly line was that it increased the speed of _________ Production
The biggest reason that African Americans moved (migrated) from the South to states in the North and the West between 1910 and 1930 was because there were more ________there. Jobs
The Harlem Renaissance refers to the effort of African American artists, writers, and musicians of the 1920's and the 1930's to tell about __________ ___________cultural through African American experiences. African Americans
The two composers best known for American musics during the 1920's and the 1930's were ________ _______ and George Gershwin. Aaron Copeland
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