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Latin America Unit

Mexico, Latin America, The Caribbean, and South America Vocabulary

archipelago a group of islands
cash crop a product grown specifically for exporting
ejidos communal land that is shared
gaucho cowhand
haciendas a large estate or ranch in Latin America
llanos a tropical grassland plain situated at the east of the Andes in northwestern South America
Macchu Picchu Ancient Incan City in Peru located on top of a mountain
megacity a large metropolitan city with a population of more than 10,000,000 people
mestizos a person of mixed European, African, and Native American descent
NAFTA a trade agreement between the countries of Canada, the United States, and Mexico that allows easier trade between countries
out migration to leave one region in order to settle in another
pampas a level grassland plain that is primarily found in Argentina and extends into Uruguay
plantation an agricultural estate usually worked by residential laborers
slash and burn agriculture the practice of cutting down trees and burning the stumps in order to create fields or to sell timber for profit
subsistence farming a small plot where a farmer grows only enough food to feed his own family
Tikal ancient Mayan ruins in Guatemala
Vertical Zonation Tierra caliente, teirra templada, and tierra fria
Tierra Caliente hot, tropical climate, Tropical Rainforest, Tropical Agriculture; crops: bananas, sugar
Tierra Templada most populated zone, common in Central America; crops: coffee, corn, wheat
Tierra Fria up to the treeline, hardy crops: barley, potatoes, highest zone in Central America
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