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7th Chemistry

7th Grade Chemistry Vocabulary

Element a pure substance that cannot be speartated into simpler substances by physical or chemical means
Compound a pure substance composed of two or more elements that are chemically combined
Molecule a neutral group of atoms held together by covalent bonds
Chemical Property a property of matter that describes a substance based on its ability to change into a new substance with different properties
Physical Property a property of matter than can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the matter
Mixture a combination of two or more substances thata are not chemically combined
Solution a mixture that appears to be a single substance but is composed of particles of two or more substances that are distrubuted evenly throughout the mixture
Malleable able to be pounded into thin sheets withoug shattering
Ductile able to drawn or pulled into a wire
Soluble the ability to dissolve in another liquid
Conductivity able to carry an electrical current
Density the amount of matter in a given space or volume; the mass per unit volume of a substance
Chemical Change the composition of matter changes
Physical Change the composition of matter stays the same but the appearance changes in some
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