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Becoming world power

study guide

As a result of the Spanish American War,1._____ gained independence from Spain, the U.S gained territories of 2._____ ______3. _______.4.________, and the U.S emerged as a 5.._________ power. 1. Cuba 2. Guam 3. Puerto Rico 4. Philippines 5. Cuba Word
As a result of the Spanish American War, the U.S gained the possession of-- Philippines, Puerto Rico Cuba Guam
Which country gained their independence as a result of the Spanish American War? Cuba
Yellow journalism contributed to the Spanish American War because journalists printed news stories that were not even whole _____________. trust stories
One result of the Spanish American War was that United States became a _______ _______. world power
American business investments in ________ were threatened. Cuba
what were the results of the Spanish American War? -The United States gained possession of Puerto RicO -Cuba gained independence from Spain -The U.S gained possession of the Philippines -The U.S rose as a world power -The U.S gained possession of Guam
America's involvement with which Spanish controlled territory led the Spanish American War? Cuba
Blood on the roadside, blood in the fields, blood on the doorsteps, blood,blood! Is there no nation wise enough, and strong enough to restore peace in this blood-smithen land? This reporter appeared in 1896 about Cuba is an example of ________ ________ yellow journalism
The most important result of the Spanish American War for the United States was that the U.S. became an important ________/_________ nation power
President Theodore Roosevelt used the Roosevelt Corollary to construct the _______ Canal. Panama
Theodore Roosevelt pledged to protect _________ _______ from the European military action. Latin Americans
The type of diplomacy is called ______ ______ _____. Big Stick Diploma
Construction continued on the Panama Canal after Panama gained independence from_________. Columbia
Roosevelt's attempt to prevent ________ from intervening in Latin American affairs. Europe
put these in order from 1 being first and 4 being last: A.Spain refuses declares war on the U.S. B.The U.S,S Main is destroyed C.Spain refuses Cuba Independence D.The United States declares Cuba free 1. C-Spain refuses Cuban Independence 2.B-The U.S.S Main is destroyed 3.A-Spain declares war on the U.S. 4.D-The United States declares Cuba free
According to the Monroe Doctrine, the United States would _____ wrongdoing by other nations in the Western Hemisphere. Police
The purpose of the Roosevelt Corollary to promote ______ _____ ______ ____ Promete Big Stick Diplomes
Why did the acquisition of the new territories at the end of the Spanish American War move the U.S. into position as world power
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