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Ancient China


Heavily populated North China Plain
Center of agriculture & industry North China Plain
Large portion of China's food comes from the fertile land here North China Plain
3,400 miles long Huang River Valley
Known as the Yellow River Huang River Valley
Cuts through the North China Plain Huang River Valley
In Southeast China Guangxi Zhungzu
Has warm and moist winds Guangxi Zhungzu
Weather feels hot and steamy Guangxi Zhungzu
Plenty of rain and sun Guangxi Zhungzu
Farming and fishing are important industries Guangxi Zhungzu
Gulf of Tonkin is here Guangxi Zhungzu
Has mountain ranges to the north and south Tibetan Plateau
People are the Zhuang, the largest minority group Tibetan Plateau
Many Nomads-travel due to weather Tibetan Plateau
Called the Roof of the World Tibetan Plateau
List the 4 dynasties of China Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han
Which dynasty was led by Shi Huangdi? Qin
Which dynasty was led by Han Gaozu? Han Gaozu and Wu Di
The longest dynasty was? The Golden Age and it lasted from 770-221 B.C.
Who was the First Emperor? Shi Huangdi
Who was known as Kung Fuzi and Master Kung? Confucius
Confucius' family was of some__________. nobility
Confucius was able to be educated as a__________. scholar
Confucius was a teacher of what 3 things? moral and valued order, harmony, and ways of making the world right
Confucius interpreted and revived older ______texts such as the _____________. Zhou Book of Documents
What are the collection of sayings by Confucius called? Analects
What information does the Analects give? It gives advice to people who wanted to do the right thing.
Who was a follower of Confucius? Mencius
Mencius spread Confucianism around what year? 350 B.C.
What do you call the belief in finding the way of the universe? Daoism
Laozi was the first great teacher of__________. Daoism
The yin-yang symbolizes: all forces have a complimentary force good/evil, sun/moon, heaven/earth
What do you call yellowish brown soil that blows in from the desert? loess
A platform of earth is called a_____. terrace
A dike used to control flooding is called a_______. levee
Two crops grown on the same land in the same year is called___________. double cropping
A picture that represents a word is called a_______. pictograph
A bone commonly used during the Shang dynasty in China to predict the future was called an______. oracle bone
A relative who lived longer ago than a grandparent is an___________. ancestor
The practice of using skills and talents to work in the government is an example of___________. civil service
A__________goes between buyers and sellers. middleman
A high-ranking social class is__________
A political division Province