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science chap. 3

reproduction and survival

adaptation any characteristic that helps an organism survive it's environment
camouflage any color, shape, or pattern that allows an organism to blend in with it's environment.
mimicry an organism imitating a harmful organism
plant adaptations include variations in their leaves, flowers, stems, and roots that help them survive in different environments
What is an adaptations for cold weather? thick fur, body fat
What is an example of a behavioral adaptation? Hibernation
How do adaptations help organisms survive? It helps them find food, escape predators and stay warm or cool.
variations differences among members of the same species
natural selections the survival and successful reproduction of an organism that are best suited to their environments.
extinct species the species that no longer exists anywhere on earth
fossil any remains, traces, or imprints of organisms from the past
eras long stretches of time used to measure Earth's geological history
what can eras and peroids do? can divide into earth's history
How do insects become resistant to chemicals that formers used to kill them. They become used to it.
If you found a fossil of a broad, flat plant leaf in a desert, what could you conclude? The desert was once a forest.
Organisms have changed over time as a result of? Changes in the environment
Which results from organisms changing over time? diversity of species
sexual reproduction the production of a new organism from two parents
asexual reproduction the production of a new organism from a single parent
vegetative propagation asexual reproduction in plants that produces new plants from roots, leafs, or stems
reproduction living things come from other living things
What happens after a bud forms on an organism? small bud grows on parent, bud may break off, bud grows a part or attaches to parent
What best describes budding? offspring development on a parent
What group of organisms reproduce using fruiting bodies fungi