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Lg Intestine Points

LI Location (Chris-EWCNM)

LI1** radial side of dorsal index finger, o.1 cun radial side of nail.
LI2** Radial border index finger, i depression distal to MCP, on the boarder between the red and white flesh.
LI3** Radial boarder of index finger, in depression proximal to MCP.
LI4***** Dorsum hand, between the first and second MCP. (on to of the hill)
LI5** Radial side of wrist, center hollow formed by tendons of extensor pollicis longus and brevis (anatomical snuffbox).
LI6** 3 cun proximal to LI5, on line connecting LI5 and LI11.
LI7** radial forarm, 5 cun proximal to LI5 (wrist crease) on the line connecting LI5 with LI11
LI8* radial forarm, 4 cun distal to LI11
LI9* radial forarm, 3 cun distal to LI11
LI10*** radial forarm, 2 cun distal to LI11
LI11***** Flexed elbow, midway between LU5 and lateral epicondyle at the lateral end of the transverse cuboital crease.
LI12* Flexed elbow, 1 cun proximal and 1 cun lateral to LI11.
LI13* lateral upper arm, 3 cun proximal to LI11, on line connecting LI11 and LI15
Li14** Lateral upper arm, 3/5 distance on line connecting LI11 and LI15 in the depression formed by the inserton of the deltoid and brachoradialis muscle.
LI15*** Lateral upper arm, depression anterior and inferior to acromion at the origin of the deltoid.
LI16** Upper shoulder, depression medial to acromion between the lateral clavicle and scapular spine.
LI17** Lateral neck, 1 cun inferior to LI18.
LI18** Lateral neck, level with adam's apple between the sternal and clavicular heads of the SCM.
LI19* below the lateral nostrils, 0.5 cun lateral to DU26.
LI20*** Crosses the midline in nasolabial groove, level with the lateral boarder of ali nasi.
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