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AIJ 1 ch 11 vocab.

ついたち 1st(day of the month)
ふつか 2nd (day of the month)
みっか 3rd (day of the month)
よっか 4th (day of the month)
いつか 5th (day of the month)
むいか 6th (day of the month)
なのか 7th (day of the month)
ようか 8th (day of the month)
ここのか 9th (day of the month)
とおか 10th (day of the month)
じゅういちにち 11th (day of the month)
じゅうよっか 14th (day of the month)
はつか 20th (day of the month)
にじゅうよっか 24th (day of the month)
なんにち what day (of the month)?
たんじょうび birthday
しゃかい social studies
かがく science
すうがく math
えいご English
がいこくご foreign language
びじゅつ art
おんがく music
たいいく physical education
ホームルーム homeroom
やすみじかん break time
かもく class subject
じゅぎょう class (instruction)
クラス class
あります I have
~から from ~
~まで until ~
どうですか。 how is it?
つぎ next
むずかしい difficult
やさしい easy
たのしい fun
おもしろい interesting
つまらない boring
なぜ why?
どうして why?
せいせき grade
ひどい terrible, horrible
うれしい happy
かなしい sad
おととい the day before yesterday
あさって the day after tomorrow
いいですねえ How nice! (for something which will occur)
よかったですねえ How nice! (for something which happened already)
ざんねんですねえ That's too bad! (for something that won't happen)
ざんねんでしたねえ That's too bad! (for something that happened)
reason から result sentence1 so sentence2
せんしゅう last week
こんしゅう this week
らいしゅう next week
まいしゅう every week
しゅうまつ weekend
おおい are many, much
すくない are few, little
~がほしいです I want~
たいへん hard, difficult(psychologically burdensome)
それに moreover, besides
Created by: sheyba2