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AIJ 1 Ch 2 Roomaji

AIJ 1 Ch 2 Vocabulary (Roomaji)

wakarimasuka do you understand?
hai, wakarimasu yes, I understand
iie, wakarimasen no, I don't understand
shirimasen I don't know
miemasen I can not see
kikoemasen I can not hear
ii desu It is good
dame desu It is no good
eeto, anoo umm
~wa nihongo de nan to iimasuka what is ~ in Japanese?
kaite kudasai please write
yonde kudasai please read
mite kudasai please look
kiite kudasai please listen
suwatte kudasai please sit
tatte kudasai please stand
dashite kudasai please hand in
misete kudasai please show me
mado o akete kudasai please open the window
doa o shimete kudasai please shut the door
shizuka ni shite kudasai please be quiet
yoku dekimashita good job, well done
enpitsu pencil
boorupen ballpoint pen
keshigomu eraser
hon book
kami paper
kyookasho textbook
tekisuto textbook
jisho dictionary
nooto notebook
(o)kane money
shashin photograph
baggu bag
booshi hat
gomi trash
kaban bag
tokei watch, clock
kasa umbrella
enpitsukezuri pencil sharpener
gomibako trashcan
kono+noun this(noun)
sono+noun that(noun)
ano+noun that(noun)over there
anata you
watashi-no my
anata-no your
koko here
soko there
asoko over there
tisshu tissue
shukudai homework
shiken test
shootesuto quiz
waakushiito worksheet
chokoreeto chocolate
ame candy
kyandii candy
ichi-mai 1 (thin flat thing)
ni-mai 2(thin flat things)
san-mai 3(thin flat things)
yon-mai 4(thin flat things)
go-mai 5(thin flat things)
roku-mai 6(thin flat things)
nana-mai 7(thin flat things)
hachi-mai 8(thin flat things)
kyuu-mai 9(thin flat things)
juu-mai 10(thin flat things)
nan-mai how many?(thin flat things)
hitotsu 1 (odd shaped item)
futatsu 2 (odd shaped items)
mittsu 3(odd shaped items)
yottsu 4(odd shaped items)
itsutsu 5(odd shaped items)
muttsu 6(odd shaped items)
nanatsu 7(odd shaped items)
yattsu 8(odd shaped items)
kokonotsu 9(odd shaped items)
too 10(odd shaped items)
ikutsu how many (odd shaped items)?
~o kudasai please give me~
hai, doozo here you go
Created by: sheyba2