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praxis II


cognitive development jean piaget
cognitive development stage sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete, formal operatioal
sensorimotor stage - birth to 6wks development of reflexes - sucking on object, following with eyes, etc
sensorimotor stage 6 wks to 4 months development of habits, repeating of actions (hand before their face)
sensorimotor stage 4 to 9 months coordination between vision and comprehension - intentionally grasping for object, repetition light switch on and off
sensorimotor stage 9 to 12 months develop logic - "first proper intelligence"
sensorimotor stage 12 - 18 months discovery - young scientist
sensorimotor 18months to 2yrs creativity
preoperational stage 2-7 yrs symbolic functioning, concentration, intuitive though, inability to conserve
preoperational - symbolic functioning use of mental symbols, word or pic when things are not present
preoperational - concentration concentrate on one aspect of person
preoperational - inability to conserve can't conserve mass, volume, or number after original form changes
Concrete Operational stage 7-12 yrs appropriate use of logic decentering, reversibility, conservation, serialation, classification, delimitation of egocentrism
decentering child able to take into account many aspects of a problem to solve
reversibility child understands things can be changed then return to original state
conservation quantity, length unrelated to appearance of object ex. pitcher and 2 = glass of milk one pour into pitcher ut wukk cibserve he quantity and = to other filled glass
serialation arrange object in order to size, shape etc.
classification name and identify sets of objects according to appearance, size - sees the difference in them
delimitation of egocentrism view things from another's perspective -
Formal operational stage 12 yrs - adult abstract thinking,draw conclusions, understand such things as love, shades of gray
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