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6th grade Hhds

6th grd Hhds food web & movement & nutrition in cells

What is a food web? the ransfer of energy from one organism to another
What is a producer? some type of vegetation found at the bottom of a food web
What is the original source fo energy? the sun
What is a primary consumer? An organism that eats a producer for energy
What are some examples of primary consumers? Mice,rabbits,toads,insects,cows
What is a secondary consumer? An organism that eats a primary consumer
What are some examples of secondary consumers? Snakes, lizards,bats,fish,toads
What is a predator? they eat secondary consumers
What are some examples of predators? Mountain lions, coyote, humans, sharks
What is a decomposer? they get their energy from decomposing organisms
What is an example of a decomposers? worms, larvae, bacteria
Humans will eat..? a-producers b-primary consumers c-secondary consumers d-predators e - all of these e - all producers, primary & secondary consumers and predators
What is an example of a primary producer? sagebrush, rabbitbrush,soil bacteria, desert wildflowers, prickly pear cacus
What is white light? Light that you can see
What is white light made up of? red,orange,yellow,green,blue, and violet
what colors are in the visible spectrum? ROY G BV red,orange,yellow,green blue,violet
What is photosynthesis? the foodmaking process that uses sunlight to produce sugar
carbon dioxide and water combine with light to produce what? sugar and oxygen
what is osmosis the diffusion of water through a cell membrane
what is active transport when materials require energy to move through the cell membrane
what is diffusion? the process when molecules of a substance move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
what is passive transport? movement through cell membranes without the use of energy
what is respiration the process that unlocks the energy in a sugar molecule
what is fermentation? respiration in a cell without using oxygen
Created by: dbush on 2005-03-15

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