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Apologia Gen Science

Apologia Gen Science 2nd Module 15 Lymphatic, Endocrine, Urinary Systems

group of cells that prepare and release a chemical for use by the body gland
weakened or inactive version of a pathogen that stimulates the body's production of antibodies that can destroy the pathogen vaccine
chemical messenger released into the bloodstream that send signals to distant cells, causing them to change their behavior in specific ways hormone
system in the human body that is chiefly responsible for regulating water and chemical levels in the fluids of the body urinary system
system in the human body that is chiefly responsible for fighting disease lymphatic system
the structures where you can find most of the infection fighting cells of the lymphatic system lymph nodes
white blood cells found in the lymph system lymphocytes
What pumps lymph through lymph vessels? contraction of the muscles in the body
cells in the lymphatic system that produce antibodies B-cells
cells in the lymphatic system that give vaccines the ability to make people mostly immune from certain diseases memory B-cells
gland that produces cortisol, which causes the liver to release glucose into the blood adrenal
gland that controls the pituitary gland hypothalamus
gland that produces insulin, which enables glucose to enter the cells pancreas
gland that produces hormones that control many of the endocrine glands pituitary
gland that produces hormones that regulate the basal metabolic rate thyroid
clear fluid that leaks out of the capillaries an passes in and out of the cells interstitial fluid
"filters" where the lymph is cleaned before it is returned to the blood lymph nodes
the act of giving someone a vaccine immunization
glands where your tears come from lacrimal glands
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