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James transferred money to a know international terrorist group.Which federal agency has jurisdiction for this investigation FBI
Oleg, a Russian national, robbed West Side National Bank.Which federal agency has jurisdiction forapprehension of this federal fugitive US Marshall
James transferred money to a known international terrorist group linked to a plot to destroy an historical federal landmark, which federal agency has jurisdiction for this investigation Homeland Security
Marco and Angelica are purchasing their first home. What law requires that their contract be in writing Statute of Frauds
A contract to charge a set price with competitors violates which element Legality
Carter Construction is building the new civic arena. The construction is expected to take over two years to complete. The contract must be in writing according to which law Statute of Frauds
An environmental group is suing to stop the clear cutting of trees by a local developer. What type of remedy will they request Injunction
Unable to pay off a $250 contract, Jon wants to change the contract by giving something worth $250 to peter. How was the contract discharged Accord and Satisfaction
Becca is 16 years old and her employer wants her to use the slicer and the cardboard compactor in the deli. Which act is this company violating NC Youth Employment Provisions of the Wage and Hour Act
In SCENARIO 3.02B, who is the principal Harold
In SCENARIO 3.04A, What did Nike file with the government to reserve the rights to the Swoosh symbol Trademark
Kristin obtained a loan from a bank but she never received a statement telling her repayment terms and the annual percentage rate. Which law did this financial institution violate? Truth In Lending Law
While married, Kenny is checked into a substance abuse center. Sharon can file for divorce from Kenny based on what grounds Alcoholism
George signed a document giving his wife permission to act on his behalf during his illness. Which term identifies the type of document George signed Power of Attorney
In SCENARIO 6.01C, what type of fraud did Will report Work at home scheme
In SCENARIO 6.01A, Estelle purchased $750 in clothing. The contract is required to be in writing in accordance with what law Statue of Frauds
In SCENARIO 6.02A, Robert forgot to tell Michael that the car’s park brake was not working properly. When Michael tried to park the car, the brakes failed. The car rolled and hit a utility pole. What special duties does the bailor have? Warn bailee if any special care is required
Ina bailment contract,explain the special duties of the bailee Provides reasonable care
In SCENARIO 6.02B, the Davis’ attorney requires the evidence of ownership in the real property to provide specific written guarantees. What type of deed is this General warranty
Steve sold naked photos of Susie, without her permission, to a friend in a different state. What Act did Steve violate? Telecommunications Act of 1996
Patrick gained unauthorized access to servers at a local car dealership and shut down the network to stop all sales for the day. What cybercrime did Patrick commit Cybervandalism
Created by: billy.lee73 on 2014-06-05

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