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Adultery when one spouse has sexual relations with someone outside of the marriage.
Affinity Many states do not allow for first cousins in a family to marry.
Alcohol or drug addiction can be used as a reason for divorce but must be confirmed, constant, voluntary and excessive by the offending spouse.
Alimony an allowance for support that is paid by the former spouse in the case of a divorce.
Annulment a legal procedure that is held before a probate judge. The person seeking must prove certain legal reasons.
Bigamy an illegal act that involves a person has two spouses at the same time.
Blood Test and Physical Exam screening for infectious diseases such as AIDS, sexually transmitted sieases, sickle cell anemia,
Ceremonial Marriage only formal ceremonial type marriages that were performed by a religious cleric or a legal magistrate were recognized.
Child Custody involves the court deciding who (which parent) has physical custody of the child or children and which parent has legal custody of the children.
Child Support total support for a child or children by both parents. The finances of each parent are considered but each must contribute something in the way of money
Common-Law Marriage There are (11) states plus the District of Columbia that recognize common-law marriages.
Consanguinity that you are related by blood.
Covenant Marriage required in Arkansas, Arizona and Louisiana for the purpose of attempting to reduce the number of divorces as well as protecting children.
Cruelty can be either physical or mental cruelty or both in some cases.
Desertion when one spouse separates from the other for unjustified reasons. The length of the separation is usually at least one year
Legal custody deals with a parent's right to make major decisions about the children's health, education and welfare
Legal Separation a court judgment that ends the right to cohabitate or live together.
Marriage Rights and Obligations Marriage gives a couple new rights that are not afforded a couple that is only living together.
Marital property If the state is a non-community property state, then the assets and any earnings gained during the marriage are divided based upon the contribution of the individual person.
Marriage Contracts Marriage is not just a personal thing, it is also a type of contract of which there is an offer and an acceptance.
Marriage License a certificate that is issued by either a city, county or state government that gives a couple permission to marry
Marriages Performed Internationally U. S. citizens that are legally married in a foreign country will normally have their marriage recognized in the U. S. as long as the marriage was legal in the country they were married in.
N.C. Legal Age Minimum Legal Age With Parental Consent Male: 16; Female: 16
No Fault Divorce when a divorce is granted without either spouse having to prove anything about the other spouse in order to get a divorce
Physical Custody deals with which parent the children live with.
Polygamy an illegal act of having more than two spouses at the same time.
Prenuptial Agreements a written and signed legal contract couples make before getting married dealing with property and support issues.
Proxy Marriage the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act allows for a this type of marriage which is when one or both people involved in the marriage cannot be present
Support Enforcement child support is enforced through the courts or sometimes an administrative hearing officer.
Waiting Period most states require a period of time before the actual marriage license is issued.
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