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Ch. 9 Lesson 4

Beginnings of Christianity

Christianity The name of the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
Salvation The saving of the human soul from evil with a promise of happiness after death.
Disciple A group of men who were a follower of a religion or Jesus' closest followers.
Messiah A person sent by God to bring justice to this world.
Resurrection Rising from the dead.
Apostle A person sent out to teach others.
Persecute To seek out and punish people.
Martyr People who are willing to die or suffer for their beliefs.
Gospels The first 4 books of the New Testament, which describes Jesus' life and teachings.
Pope Leader of the Roman Catholic Churches.
What culture affected the Roman religion? Greece.
What happened to those who did not worship the Roman gods? They were punished.
When do historians believe Jesus was born and died? 4 B.C. and A.D. 30.
Why was Jesus crucified? Pilate feared that conflicts over Jesus would stir rebellion against Roman rule.
Who ordered Jesus' death? Pontius Pilate.
Why did the Christians come to be called Christians? Along the Mediterranean people who spoke Greek, Jesus came to be known as Jesus Christ because in Greek, Christos meant Messiah.
Who was Paul of Tarsus? An important apostle of Christianity. He opposed and persecuted Christians at first and came to believe in Jesus.
What makes up the Christian Bible? The Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament(Gospels, other writings about Jesus.)
What made Constantine believe in Christ? P 1 Before the Battle at Milvian Bridge, Constantine saw a vision of the word Christos appear in the sky above him Over these letters were written the Latin words "By this sign you will conquer" He ordered soldiers to paint X and P on their shields.
What made Constantine believe in Christ? P 2 They won the battle.
What was the Edict of Milan? It made Christianity an accepted religion of the Roman Empire.
Who made Christianity the official religion of Rome? Theodosius I.
Compare and contrast Christianity and Judaism. P 1 Christianity is the belief in the coming kingdom of God and that Jesus is the Messiah. Judaism believed a Messiah was coming to bring justice, and they didn't believe in the coming kingdom.
Compare and contrast Christianity and Judaism. P 2 Both Christianity and Judaism believed in one God and the 10 commandments.
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