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Sofia GP Ch 5,7&13

scoliosis is the ____ curvature of the spine lateral
Degenerative changes in cartilage btween bones and joints which is chronic and progressive is osteoarthritis
Lyme disease is caused by a bite from a ____ which injects a bacteria. tick
Infection in a bone osteomyelitis
Gout has what type of crystals in the joints uric acid
wasting away of muscle is called atrophy
What vitamin deficiency can cause osteomalacia? Vitamin D
An overstretching or overuse of a muscle, tendon or ligament can result in a strain
Another name for a frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis
inflammation of the connective tissue along the bottom of the foot causing heel pain plantar fasciitis
If you have pain abducting your arm you may have a torn rotator cuff
Osteoporosis may not be detected until a ___ breaks bone
an inflammation of the membrane covering the visible portion of the sclera and the inside of the eyelids conjunctivitis
If the eye is unable to focus light effectively its called a ___ error refractive
nystagmus necessitates a complete ____ evaluation neurologic
inflammation of the hair follicles of the eyelid styes
a cloudy or opague area in the lens of the eye cataract
the most treatable cause of blindness chronic open-angle glaucoma
this is related to aging and caused by degenerative changes in the retina macular degeneration
Light flashes and new floaters in the eye is a symptom of retinal detachment
vision impairment as a result of old age and loss of elasticity in the lens presbyopia
otosclerosis, impacted cerumen and otitis media are all causes of _____ hearing loss conductive
placement of a tympanostomy tube as a treatment for otitis media myringotomy
infection of inflammation in the semicircular canals is called labyrinthitis
akylosing of the stapes in the ear otosclerosis
Blood that forms between the skull and the dura mater epidural hematoma
A basilar fracture is the result of the bones of the cranial ____ being broken vault
a disease of the spinal nerves with progressive muscle weakness and paralysis happening quickly Guillain-Barre syndrome
Pill rolling tremor, muscular rigidity, masklike facial expressions and shuffling gait is characteristic of Parkinson disease
Unilateral facial paralysis Bell's palsy
paralysis on either side of the body hemiparesis
bruising of the brain lasting more than 24 hours contusion
Paralysis of the lower half of the body paraplegia
Meningitis symptoms include ____ rigidity, headache and photophobia nuchal
TIAs are also called mini strokes
paralysis of all four extremities quadriplegia
progressive destruction of motor neurons resulting in muscle atrophy ALS
Periodic severe headaches that may be completely incapacitating migraines
This disorder involves peripheral nerves and affects the distal muscles of the extremities peripheral neuritis
pain associated with the fifth cranial nerve tic douloureux
a genetic disorder with bizarre behavior , involuntary, dancelike movements and a decline in mental functions Huntington's chorea
Poliomyelitis is a highly contagious viral disease that affects the anterior horn cells of the gray matter in the _____ _____ spinal cord
a stiff and painful shoulder after injury frozen shoulder
Both plantar faciitis and spurs are inflammatory responses at the ____ heel
Injury involving the semilunar cartilages in the knee torn meniscus
inflammation of the joints caused by excessive uric acid levels in the blood and joints gouty arthritis
Ticks can carry bacteria that can cause ___ ___ which can show symptoms of arthritis, malaise, myalgia and neurologic and cardio problems lyme disease
Patients with gout are put on a diet eliminating foods high in _______ purines
This disease is diagnosed based on examination to reveal tenderness and pain in at least 11 out of 18 specific tender points found on the body fibromyalgia
a nicer name for "hunchback" kyphosis
Type of arthritis that is common and results from normal wear and tear on the joints osteoarthritis
bone cancer osteosarcoma
a condition characterized by loss of normal bone density osteoporosis
Created by: hsofia