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3.06 pricing defs

deceptive pricing false or misleading statement in advertising
bait and switch advertising customers baited by advertising a low price, then customers are switched to a costlier product
loss-leader pricing product sold at a low price to stimulate other profitable sales
price discrimination firm chargers different prices to similar customers in similar situations
clayton antitrust act of 1914 price discrimination as creating unfair competition
robinson patman act a law to strengthen the clayton act, prohibits sellers fro offering one customer one price and another customer a different price
price fixing an agreement among competitors to raise, fix, or otherwise maintain the price at which their goods or services are sold
predatory pricing the practice of selling a product or service at a very low price, intending to drive competitors out of the marktet
dumping any kind of predatory pricing, especially international trade
resale price mantenance manufacturers try to force retailers to sell their products at a certain price,, if the retailer dropped the price too low, the manufacturer would punish the retailer by withholding merchandise or refusing discount
pricing decisions mus consider transportation, production and selling cost
price what customer pays for the product
cost expense that a business has for the product
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