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Hot words test 1 stack

quiescent quiet; still; inactive
reticent not talking much; reserved
laconic using few words in speech
garrulous talkative; loquacious
loquacious very talkative; liking to talk; garrulous
voluble talking a great deal with ease; glib
complacent self-satisfied; smug
contemptuous lacking respect; scornful
insolent boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior; rude
supercilious looking down on others; proud and scornful
narcissist having to do with extreme self-adoration; person who feels superior to everyone
banal dull or stale because of overuse; trite; hackneyed
hackneyed made commonplace by overuse; trite
insipid lacking flavor or taste; unexciting
platitude quality of being dull; an obvious remark uttered as if it were original
prosaic dull; commonplace
vapid lacking freshness and zest; flat; stale
ameliorate to make better; to lessen pain, difficulty, or tension
conciliate to win a person over through special considerations or persuasive methods
mollify to pacify, soothe, or appease; to make less severe or violent
convivial sociable, outgoing in a festive way, especially when pertaining to eating and drinking; fond of good company
gregarious sociable, outgoing
bellicose of a quarrelsome nature; eager to fight; warlike; belligerent
cantankerous bad-tempered; quarrelsome
captious made for the sake of quarreling; quibbling
polemical inclined to argue or debate; controversial
largess generous giving
munificent very generous
prodigal wasteful; lavish
mercenary greedy for self-gain; thinking only of money-making
parsimonious overly thrifty or miserly
penurious stingy; relating to great poverty, destitution
conflagration a huge fire, an inferno
precarious dangerous or risky; uncertain
deleterious harmful to one’s health or overall welfare; pernicious
iniquitous showing a lack of fairness; wicked; vicious
nefarious very mean and wicked
rancorous deeply hateful or spiteful; malicious
castigate to scold or punish severely
impugn to oppose or attack someone or something as false or refutable
upbraid to chide; to scold bitterly
aloof uninterested; showing no concern; emotionally removed or distant
impassive lacking emotion or drive
phlegmatic hard to get excited or emotional; calm
stoical lacking emotion or not showing any emotion
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