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REL 2011 Final

Kosher allowed, fit for consumption
Treif not kosher
Nevila was originally kosher but was killed improperly so is now considered treif
Kosher animals (characteristics) - chews - cloven hooves - warm-blooded
kosher animals (examples) cow, goat, deer, giraffes, sheep
treif animals (examples) rabbits, horses, camels, pigs
it is not kosher to combine meat and dairy
dairy must be eaten before meat
to eat meat before dairy.. wait some time
how much time has to pass to eat meat before dairy depends on sect
Kosher birds cannot be: birds of prey song-birds
kosher birds (examples) ducks, pigeons, doves, turkeys, capins, geese
capins castrated roosters
treif birds (examples) roosters, seagulls, penguins, vultures
kosher fish (characteristics) must have scales and fins
kosher fish (examples) fish
treif fish (examples) shellfish, swordfish, catfish, squid, sea mammals
kosher reptiles (examples) none
kosher insect exception locusts
allowed to eat reptile's eggs? if they dont have blood spots
Treif food items (examples) jell-o, marshmallows
marshmallows contained hydrolyzed collagen
treif drink items (examples) Pepsi
kosher drink items (examples) coke, Gatorade, passover Pepsi,
is Pareve kosher? yes
pareve (characteristics) - not dairy - not meat - able to combine
Jewish Faith monotheism
branches of Abrahamic religion - xanith - judaism - islam
shema yisrael chant about loving god dect 6:49
mezuzah door post where prayer is put
klaf small parchment where prayer is written
qualities God created us with compassion, forgiveness, justice, love wisdom
we are born as equals
we dont die as equals because of our free will
Mitzvah 613 commandments
Noahide Laws 7 laws of Noah
7 laws of noah No idolatry no blasphemy no murder no theft no sexual immorality no cruelty to animals righteous courts
Laws of Leviticus 10 commandments - marriage laws - dietary laws (kosher)
sacred practices mikvah circumcision sabbath
mikvah for women; ritual bath after menstruation to cleanse self
circumcision done 8 days after birth in temple; baby boy is given his "hebrew" name
sabbath from sundown on friday to sundown on saturday; day of prayer and spending time with fam. no electricity can be used; 39 forbidden activities
canaan the promise land; many fight over it because it is between Mediterranean sea & Jordan river
What does god promise abraham? he will be the father of all nations if he has a child
Hajar egyptian slave that Abraham slept with to have a child
Ishmael child from Hajar and Abraham
Isaac child from Sarah and Abraham
Sarah Abraham's wife
Sarah dies (age) 127 yrs old
Eliezer Abraham's favorite servant; goes out to find wife for Isaac
Rebecca Abraham's niece; marries Isaac
Jacob & Esau Rebecca and Isaac's children
Esau manly man, Isaac's favorite
Jacob mommas boy, rebeccas favorite
what happens when Esau goes out into the world alone? commits 3 cardinal sins
cardinal sins committed by esau adultery murder idolatry
Why did Abraham die 5 yrs early? Esau's sins
Abraham in born in UR
UR is present day Iraq
Heran is present day Turkey
mourning food lentil soup
ill give you this bowl of soup if you give me the birth right
birthright - superior rank in family - double inheritance - head of family/priest - Abrahamic blessing
Abrahamic blessing - become father of all nations - children must go through 400 yrs of slavery
what it needed for birthright paternal blessing
what does Jacob use to convince Isaac that he is Esau? 2 goats
who does Jacob want to marry Rachel
Labian Rachel's father
Labian trades Rachel to Jacob for 7 years of servitude
Leah Rachel's older sister
Leah (meaning) to weep
who does Jacob marry Leah
Who does he marry the second time Rachel
Zilaph Leah's servant
Joseph Rachel & Jacob's son
Who gets sold into slavery by brothers? Joseph
Benjamin Rachel's child; she dies during childbirth in Canaan
Isaac dies (age) 180 yrs
12 tribes of Israel Jacob's 12 sons
Joseph was in charge of the granaries
exodus mass flee of people; emigrants
Israelites 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob)
what was done to avoid Israelites from taking over - construction - kill baby boys
what did midwife do to Moses sent him down river
where was Moses raised in palace by princess
Ramses Moses' "brother"
where does Moses run away to Mt. Sinai
what tells Moses to go back and free others burning bush
why couldnt he go back he was shy due to his lisp
who is ruling when moses goes back to palace Ramses
Ramses (belief) polytheistic
Moses (belief) monotheistic
10 plagues - blood in river - frog & fly infestation - lice - boils - hail storm - plague of locusts - ever lasting darkness - first born - sick crops
theory of crossing red sea israelites crossed sea because its shallow
how long was moses in mt. sinai for? 40 days
what did moses receive in mt. sinai? 10 commandments
who killed the unfaithful israelites? levi
melted gold and turned it into a calf
what did israelites follow to get to promise land? a cloud and a pillar of fire
how long did it take for israelites to get to promise land 40 yrs
who was elected first king of promise land Saul
Elijah Saul's prophet
David son of Jesse; interprets nightmares
How did Saul die? either - committed suicide OR died in battle
who became king after Saul? David
Solomon David's son; becomes king when David dies
what does Solomon do? - fund raises to build temple David wanted - builds altar - meets many polytheistic women
North Israel (10 tribes) - supported solomon
South Judah - supported david
who supported Solomon (North or south) North(Israel)
who supported david (north or south) south(judah)
who did God send to conquer israelites? assyrians
assyrians were not able to conquer judah
who conquered judah & destroyed temple? king neb (babylonian)
diaspera disbursement of people into other area
who took israelites back to promise land? king cyrus (persian)
what did israelites do to live in peace? pay taxes to persians
when did israelites rebuild temple? 515
what was left after romans destroyed 2nd temple? western wall
abrahamic religion (beliefs) jesus, life, teachings, death, resurrection
christianity is mother religion to - catholics - protestants - anglicans - apocalyptic - new age
Jesus was put to death on accounts of sedition
sedition rebelling against government
Jesus was born (religion) jewish
jesus birthplace canaan
christianity's sacred text christian bible
christian bible is made up of: - old testament - new testament
old testament hebrew bible
new testament -4 gospels - letters - revelations - total of 27 books
apocrypha jewish texts christians consider important but jews did not
gospels 1. matthew 2. mark 3. luke 4. john
matthew disciple of jesus; synoptic
mark disciple of paul; synoptic
luke disciple of paul; synoptic
john disciple of jesus; considered gnostic
gnostic good:light ; evil:dark ex. calls jesus light of world
synoptic similar gospels
markean priority mark is first gospel - shortest - no birth - no family tree - no resurrection
"Q" or Quelle unknown book
who used Q book Matt and Luke
Matt (gospel) - jewish gospel - makes jesus look like 2nd moses - interested in jews becoming christian - mentions wise men in birth story w/ star, gold, myrrh, frankincense
luke (gospel) - worldly gospel - interested in everyone being saved - medical terms used - looked at jesus like a healer - believes jesus was born in stable, shepherds & angel - joseph (mary's husband) carpenter living in Nazaneth from Bethlaham
Mary was not married. originally called maiden mary, greeks value virginity so changed to virgin
wise men - gaspar - balthasar - melchior
gaspar myrrh
balthasar frankincense
melchior gold
gospels (miracles) - water to wine - walked on water - casted out demons - cured - raised the dead - feed the people
christian animal fish (ichthus)
pentecost when christians went into hiding after jesus passed away
saul tent maker - christian killer
Saul became Paul the christian converter, never met Jesus, went over seas and wrote letters
indulgence a way for them to make money - spiritual merit - mass of dead - pilgrimage
pilgrimage going from one church to the next - pay for uniform - pay for proof of participation - pay to have permission
relic body part of saint/something a saint owned
what does a church need to be valid? a relic
saints similar to polytheism
martin luther - anti-good works - God has grace, we have faith - believes in purgatory - fan of sola scripture - was excommunicated from church
purgatory place between heaven and hell, get cleansed and then either go to heaven or hell
sola scripture if its in the bible its okay, if its not, its not okay
who was excommunicated from church? martin luther
why was he excommunicated? he wrote 90+ theses about church
catholic sacraments 1. baptism, 2. reconciliation, 3. communion, 4. confirmation, 5. marriage, 6. holy orders, 7. anointing of the sick
which sacraments did martin luther believe in? baptism and communion
lutherans martin luther's followers
ulrich zwingli - believes catholic have issue with lent, we should give up something more expensive - against celibacy - against pilgrimage - against saints
john calvin believes in predestination
predestination - god picks before you're born if you are going to heaven or hell - helps the poor who dont have time to go to church
calvinist often not church goers, don't have priests, instead have "elders"
protestant branch lutherans calvinists
calvinist branch presbyterians episcopals
Qurayshites wealthy people, own everything, use religion to make money
qurayshites (belief) polytheism
bilal servant who hears Muhammad's message of unity - 1 god, 1 mankind
Judaism 1 god, 1 group of chosen people
what happened to Bilal given to Qurayshites, was tortured
who frees Bilal Abu
who becomes first muezzin Bilal
Muezzin person who calls people to prayer 5 times a day
Muhammad's year of sorrows wife and uncle die
Hijrah migration
story #1 of hijrah Muhammad stays behind, ali & abu free people
story #2 of hijrah Ali goes free, Abu and Muhammad almost get caught migrating
yethrib al medina aka medina
al medina aka medina city of the prophet
kabah used to be monotheistic symbol, querayshites made it polytheistic, muhammads cleanses it
did Muhammad want a successor? no
Ali cousin married to Fatima (Muhammad's daughter) [shiite]
Abu best friend; [sunni]
who becomes caliph? Abu
caliph successor
Quran read by reciting
how long did it take Muhammad to memorize Quran? 23 years
we still use the same Quran as what caliph? 3rd caliph
how many chapters in Quran? 114 chapters
suras chapters
quran consists of: muhammad's life story central teachings
central teachings consists of: idea of unity, prophet-hood
Creed (belief) Shahadah
Shahadah there is no god but god (allah) and Muhammad is the messenger (prophet) of God
Islam (meaning) submission to God
divinity of three if mentioned in old testament, new testament and Quran it is defined as the divine truth
pillars of islam - belief of witness - daily prayers - zakat - fasting - Hajj
belief of witness - Shahadah - Prophethood - Sacred texts
halal allowed to eat
haram not allowed to eat
daily prayers 5 times a day, friday @ noon:service in mosque, no priets, they have imam, gender segregation
imam prayer leader
zakat tithing/almsgiving- 2.5% of earnings: goes to islamic relief fund
fasting during ramadan - on lunar calendar - includes food, liquid, sex, smoking
how many days does lunar calendar have? 354
hajj pilgrimage to mecca, visit kabah
kabah sacred sit made out of black meteorite, adam's birthplace - walk around seven times
eye of god crack in the rock where "god sees you."
Tanakh canon of Hebrew Bible (Quran)
Torah "Teaching/instruction" AKA 5 books of Moses; first 5 books of Tanakh; contains 613 commandments
5 books of Moses AKA Torah; AKA Pentateuch; first five books of Tanakh;contains 613 commandments
what does the Torah (books of Moses) consist of? - Genesis - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy
nevi'im "prophets"; contains 2 subgroups
tanakh (subdivisions) - torah - nevi'im - ketuvim
ketuvim "writings"; consists of 11 books;
nevi'im (subgroups) - former prophets - latter prophets
Pentateuch AKA Torah; AKA 5 books of Moses; first five books of Tanakh; contains 613 commandments
Talmud AKA Oral Torah; commentary on the Mishnah
Mishnah (means) repetition
midrash a commentary/interpretation
Mishnah 6 part series of interpretation of Torah; legal literature
gemara commentary
Mishnah (subdivisions?) 1. seeds 2. festivals 3. women 4. damages 5. holy things 6. purifications
halakha Jewish law for life and legal discussions; collection from oral torah and written torah
Bar Mitzvah 13 year old boy; obligated to observe commandments
Bat Mitzvah 12 yr old girl; obligated to observe commandments
Aaron Moses' older brother; peacemaker; encouraged the making of the golden calf
passover celebration of liberation from slavery from egyptians
gentiles people who are not jewish
Joshua successor to Moses; was the first to receive oral transmission of Oral Law; conqueror of land of Israel
entering canaan "When you enter the land of Canaan, which I give you for a possession, and I put a mark of leprosy on a house in the land of your possession
586 BCE destruction of 1st temple by King Nebuchadnezzar [Babylonian]
515 CE Persian King Cyrus allowed Israelite to rebuild temple
70 CE destruction of 2nd temple by Romans
Jesus birth story (Matt) house;star;no angels;location of conception:Bethelehem; less detail;born in Bethelehem;wiise men
jesus birth story (luke) stable; no star;angels;location of conception: Nazareth; they go to Bethelehem for census;born in Bethelehem;shepherds
John the baptist described as having the practice of baptism for the forgiveness of sins; baptized Jesus
ichthus christian fish; greek word for fish; Jesus Christ God's Son Saviour
Herod Antipas herod the great; executed john the baptist & jesus;
pontious pilate judge at the trial of jesus; executed him
crucifixion slow execution; person is tied/nailed to wooden cross and left to die
king henry viii introduced protestanism to england, broke away from church of rome and made church of england so that he can divorce his wife
resurrection jesus came back to life the sunday after the friday he died
protestant reformation started by john calvin & martin luther;
anglicanism religion through the church of england
hadith recording of a saying, an act, or a silent approval by the prophet Mohammad
sunnah practical acts of quran
ummah nation/society
ramadan ninth month of year; fasting; annual observance of one of five pillars; during month when Muhammad first received revelations
gabriel angel (messenger) that recited the Quran to Muhammad
zayd Muhammads adopted son; only companion of Muhammad whose name is mentioned in Quran
622 CE Hjrah to Yethrib occurs [Muhammad & others] ; beginning of islamic calendar; established Islamic law
632 CE last pilgrimage to Mecca; Muhammad dies
sunni largest branch of Islam; 80% of Muslims; supporters of Abu
shi'ite supporters of Ali; smaller branch of Islam
ablution ritual purification of cleansing ones self
angels and jinn angels:Allah's messengers ; jinn:made of fire, invisible to humans unless change body state, sinners go to hell, faithful go to heaven
kufr uunacceptable/offensive to god
shirk sin of practicing idolatry or polytheism
seal of prophets Muhammad is the last prophet so he is the seal;
al-ali one of the names of Allah means "the most high"
ar-raqib one of Allahs names means "the watchful"
dhikr remembrance of God through prayer
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