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EAP Essay

The FIRST paragraph of your essay Introduction
The SECOND paragraph of your essay Body Paragraph 1
The THIRD paragraph of your essay Body Paragraph 2
The FOURTH and FINAL paragraph of your essay Conclusion
The most important sentence in your whole essay Thesis Statement
The first few sentences of your essay need to grab the audience’s attention. What is this called? Hook
A hook should NEVER be a question: TRUE or FALSE? TRUE
A thesis statement should have an opinion and... Two reasons to support that opinion
In an EAP style essay it is NEVER okay to use “I”: TRUE or FALSE? FALSE
The majority of the introduction paragraph should be spent doing what? (Remember the prompt!) Explaining the author’s argument
The first sentence of your body paragraph is called a... Topic Sentence
The topic sentence contains a ___ from your thesis statement. Reason
You must give _____ or concrete details to support your opinion. Evidence/Examples
After providing evidence you must provide ____ or commentary to explain how this evidence proves your thesis. Analysis
What should you do in the last sentence of your body paragraph? Relate to the author’s argument/Restate your topic sentence/Transition to next paragraph
At the very least how many body paragraphs should you have? At least 2
How many sentences should your body paragraphs be? At least 6
Name one type of evidence you can give Quotation/Personal Experience/Statistic/Observation
How many pieces of evidence should you have in each body paragraph? At least 2
What is the main purpose of the body paragraphs? To support your argument
What is one thing you should NEVER do in a conclusion paragraph (or anywhere else in your essay)? Repeat yourself
How many sentences should your conclusion paragraph be? At least 4 or 5
What is one thing you SHOULD do in your conclusion paragraph? Restate and summarize your argument/relate to the author’s argument in the passage/Discuss the “so what?” factor of the topic/Suggest how we can solve the issue as a society
,Conclusion paragraphs are the best places to introduce new evidence: TRUE or FALSE? FALSE
How many sentences should your thesis statement be? One
When introducing evidence in your body paragraphs it is helpful to make an evidence ___. Sandwich (om nom nom)
When writing an introduction it is helpful to think of the paragraph as what shape? An upside down triangle – start broad and get more specific
When writing this essay it is important to be articulate and ____ because you want the reader to be convinced of your argument. Persuasive
The essay is graded on a 6 point scale. What number score is a passing score? 4, 5, or 6
What style of essay will you be asked to write for the WPA on April 7th?, EAP (Early Assessment Program)
This style of essay is designed to help you pass an English placement test in your junior year so that you do not have to take a remedial English class upon entering college. TRUE or FALSE? True
Created by: EnglishWGHS on 2014-03-25

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