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Ch. 15-21 vocab

alienation to cause somebody to change his or her previously friendly or supportive attitude and become unfriendly, unsympathetic, or hostile
anonymous whose name is not known or not given
audition to try-out, or interview for a part in a play, musical, etc
berserk behaving in an uncontrolled way as a result of anger or irrational feeling
blearily obscured and not easy to see
broached introduce a subject for discussion, usually one that is awkward
concoction a new and unusual mixture, especially a drink or dish created by mixing together ingredients
diversity a variety of something such as opinion, color, or style
fast efraining from food, or some types of food, especially as an act of religious observance
ignoramuses an offensive term that insults somebody’s level of intelligence or education
incense a substance, usually fragrant gum or wood, that gives off a pleasant smell when burned
incessant continuing for a long time without stopping
inconsolable so deeply distressed that nobody can offer any effective comfort
inexorably impossible to stop
innovative new and creative, especially in the way that something is done
lathe a machine used for shaping wood
maniacal having or showing mania, wild or violent mental disorder, insane
restive hard to control, unruly
roust to make somebody get up, make a move, or take action, especially abruptly or roughly
serenely clear, bright, not disturbed or troubled
slathering a large amount of, to cover with
shanghaied to trick or force somebody to do something or go somewhere
travesty a distorted or debased version of something
trivialities the condition or quality of having little importance or seriousness
voluminous having great size, capacity, or fullness, large
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