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Physics - PSA1

Current, Charge, Voltage and Energy - EPA

Give a worded explanation of current. Rate of flow of charge past a point in the circuit.
In what type of circuit is the current the same throughout? Series
Define electrical energy. Electrical Energy = Charge x Voltage (W = QV)
What is emf of a power supply a measure of? Total energy that it supplied to each coulomb of charge
A power supply has an emf of 0.001V. When Ekrem's X-Box is connected to this a current of 5A is measured using an ammeter. Calculate the resistance of the circuit. 0.0002 Ohms (By the word Ohms i mean the symbol)
Enter Yianni and Erol. Erol says 'Yo Ktori, you know that due to the incompetance of X-box,the free ammeters that they supply with the x-boxes give off a faulty reading.' Erol is correct and the actual current in the circuit is 5x10^-3A. Calculate resista 0.2 Ohms
Define Power Power = energy transferred/Time taken
How do you work out efficiency? Energy usefully transferred/Total energy transferred
When current is proportional to voltage what law is obeyed? Ohms law
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