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electric study

Three safety guidelines include Do not stick anything in a wall socket, Be aware electric appliances can deliver a shock, Avoid downed power lines
Successful circuits includes Batterey, wire, light bulb
raised small bump on battery Positive side
flat side on battery Negative side
Conductors Alumnum, copper, steel
Insulating materials Wood, rubber, plastic
Battery a device that can produce an electric current as a result of a chemical change in it
Volt a unit used to measure the amount of electrical potential energy in a battery
wire a metal strand used to connect electrical devices in a circuit
Ampere a unit used to measure the electrical current
Conductor a material which an electrical current can pass
Insulator a material which an electrical current can not pass
circuit a system that connects electrical devices so that they will operate
short circuit a path of low resistance made between two points in an electric circuit where the resistance is normally much higher
filament a fine wire that becomes hot and produces light when an electric current passes through it
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